Redefining New Launch Marketing

This is SMC

We've set out to redefine how realtors market new launch condos. A more systemic, data-driven way that reduces the work load of agents and increases their profitability.

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Our Mission

To help realtors earn more by doing less

Hours spent standing in roadshows, giving and sending out hundreds if not thousands of flyers all to receive junk leads who waste even more of your time during viewing. This was the world several of our agent clients lived in before SMC came about.

All we wanted to do was to give them better, more qualified leads so that they can do better business.

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Our Values

What we hold true above all else

The property industry is a fact paced world. We've built on our core principles to ensure that we can create faster, more repeatable success for you.

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Fast & efficient team

Moving fast is often an important criteria in any business, even more so for the property one.

We've set up  to greatly prioritise speed and efficiency. Campaigns get up and running sooner  and adjust faster when the unexpected happens.

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It is hard to be fast without being systematic. Even harder to have repeat without being systematic.

This is why we've turned every input into a system. With this, you can rest assured that your campaign will have the best practices we've built over 3 years.

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Data driven

How do we know what to keep in our system? Hearsay? Marketer's intuition? By asking others?

No. By testing, retesting and letting the data decide what is important and impactful. Even our creativity stems from time tested data.

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Transparent & affordable

While we can't reveal the secrets of our keywords and ads, you can be sure there will be no surprise when we bill.

We believe in transparent pricing and we have created a system to ensure you you stick to your budget, even if you are just starting out.

The history of our system

3 years of building. 1 great, automated system.

It all start when our property agent friend was complaining to us about the spending long hours at a roadshow and not getting any solid leads. "Can you all solve this problem ah?" he asked.

This was our was first campaign. He our first client. Fast forward 3 years, he is one of our most successful clients.

And the system is better than ever. 3 years of track record and data has helped us build it into a system. Now machines and scripts help us to build and improve campaigns quickly.

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Our Process

A better way to lead gen for new launches.

Over 3 years, we've got the art of marketing condo new launches (almost) down to a science.

Here is our time proven 3 step formula.

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1. Evaluate

Not all new launches are made equal. We use our in-house metrics to help you figure out which new launches will be worth running a campaign for.

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2. Setup

Once we pick the new launches that are deemed to have potential we go about setting up the campaign and ads within 1 week.

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3. Optimize

After launch, we collect data to monitor and improve campaigns. by optimizing ads and microsites to ensure they stay effective.

our team

Combined for greater effect

Built by the marketing and tech teams at Blinkonomics Pte Ltd, SMC is a platform that brings together various talents to ensure you have the best possible chance at succeeding in your lead generation campaigns.

Our experts and support staff have your back. So rest easy and just focus on closing.

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Marketing a new launch soon?

Have no fear, we can help you with that. Just be ready to close and leave the leads to us.

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Ready to embark on a winning campaign on your own? Reach out today and we'll help you build your best one yet.

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