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Tips On Choosing Property Projects

Property Selection: Tips On Choosing High-Converting Projects

From analyzing market trends to evaluating potential returns, this article covers everything you need to know to make informed decisions and grow your real estate portfolio.

February 27, 2023
What To Do Next After You Have Leads?

Pre-Launch: I Have Leads, What Should I Do Next?

Read on to learn how you can effectively convert property leads into clients with our guide on lead tracking, automated follow-ups, personalization & more!

February 20, 2023
Lead Generation Strategies 2023

Real Estate Lead Generation Strategies For 2023

Looking for new ways to generate leads aside from using flyers and roadshows? Here are some useful strategies to help you gain more leads!

February 16, 2023
Facebook vs Google Ads: Which Has Better Lead Quality?

Facebook vs Google Ads: Which Has Better Lead Quality? (+ Tips!)

Looking to create high-quality new launch campaigns that drive qualified property leads? Make sure you first choose the right platform - Read on!

February 6, 2023
SMC's 4 Pillars Of New Launches

Must-Have Strategies For Realtors: SMC's 4 Pillars Of New Launches

These tried-and-true strategies will help boost the effectiveness of your property ad campaign to drive more sales (and comms)!

February 2, 2023
Case Study: Mayfair Gardens

Case Study: Mayfair Gardens - Metrics Aren't Everything

Mayfair – one of the rare new launch condos where our metrics were proved wrong. But what was different about this property? Read on to find out!

January 26, 2023