Alternatives to Google Ads For Real Estate Agents
Google Ads (SEM)

4 Alternatives To Google Ads For Real Estate Agents

Looking for new marketing options for your new condo launches? Here are 4 ways you can try to help drive real estate lead generation!

Sophiyanah David

July 14, 2022

Don’t get us wrong, we love Google ads! But sometimes it’s good to keep in mind (and even try) other options that could give your listings the extra oomph they need. This will help you effectively capture the attention of buyers without relying on just one channel to do it. Simply put, more channels equal to more leads and comms. This is why we have compiled some alternatives for you to try out on your next property campaign.  

Let’s dive right into it! 

1. TikTok or IG stories
2. Email marketing
3. LinkedIn
4. Microsite

1. TikTok or IG stories

We have all heard of the benefits that come with posting on social media, but most realtors actually don’t make full use of these platforms – especially when it comes to TikTok and Instagram’s story feature. Since we mostly process information visually, video marketing is a smart way to tap into this natural response and get the most out of it. 

In fact, studies say that video viewers are able to remember 95% of the messages they see in a video, which is why this form of marketing is often known as the ‘king of content’. With the unique ability to combine components from other content types into a single format that is simple to understand, videos are the best way to showcase your new condo launches or homes for sale in an eye-catching manner! 

Most realtors shy away from posting videos on these sites because they think it’s too time consuming or hide behind the excuse of being inexperienced – but the truth is, shooting a video honestly doesn’t take much time or require lots of editing skills. But the return on this investment is so much better than just posting pictures with captions on your social media pages. 

Here are a couple video ideas to get you started; 

  • Video walkthroughs of the house (make sure to include both staged and non-staged versions).
  • Videos highlighting each amenity the condo has (E.g., swimming pool, gym, park, garden, BBQ pits, etc.). Pro tip: Making a single video to highlight each amenity will help these facilities truly shine, while also providing your page with more content that won’t seem repetitive.
  • Videos on nearby restaurants or places that seem attractive to your target audience. Similar to the previous tip, you can put different restaurants with varying cuisines or nearby interesting places on a spotlight for each video. This will really help promote the lifestyle you’re trying to sell along with the homes. Pro tip: Try posting about these places on the weekends to appeal to a buyer’s TGIF or Saturday-night-out vibes. 

2. Email marketing

Email marketing doesn’t get the hype it deserves. 

Often considered an old-fashioned technique, realtors usually set email marketing aside for other more ‘modern’ methods. But in a field where immediate leads are being looked for, email marketing offers you the opportunity to aim for long-term results. Yeah, there’s nothing wrong with using methods that get you leads on the spot (who wouldn’t love that?), but what about planning for the future? 

We’re sure you are aware that for your clients, buying or selling a home is a major decision. And making the choice to contact a realtor can sometimes take homeowners or would-be homeowners’ months or even years. Instead of sitting around and doing nothing during this period or letting go of this prospect, email marketing helps you keep targeting these people to slowly break down their defences. This way, when they do make the decision to buy or sell their home, you will automatically be the first choice that comes to mind. 

But the benefits of email marketing don’t just end there. It also helps you to build a strong and large client network while also being one of the most cost-effective ways to generate property leads. So, if the reason why you haven’t tried this method is because you find it hard to juggle both your real estate business and marketing efforts, feel free to hire local digital marketing agencies to work on weekly content for you. 


3. LinkedIn

When considering LinkedIn, we usually tend to only think about applying for jobs. But this versatile site can also be used by realtors to market new launches as well as other property listings you may have. 

How? It’s simple, really. 

Remember just now when we spoke about figuring out your target audience? Once you have done this, you can use LinkedIn to target these groups by looking out for their jobs, titles, and demographics. This is a clever way to scout people who are relocating for a new career. This way you can offer your services to them before they even decide to find a property marketing agency to either sell or buy a property in an area. 

Pro tip: Hashtags are your friend. If used well, you will be able to reach the right audience without much hassle! 


4. Microsite

While small, property microsites pack a powerful punch because they deliver the information buyers are looking for in a clear, concise, and upfront manner. Plus, they’re not as lengthy as websites, which also means they don’t cost much as well. 

The reason why we recommend microsites as an alternative to google ads is because with regular content posts and optimizations, it’s entirely possible to eventually see your real estate site slowly climbing the ranks of Google to appear as top search results. Microsites are also not limited to a campaign time frame or daily budget like google ads, which means their results last longer (or as long as you want them to) at minimum cost. 

If it’s too complicated for you to set up a microsite for your new launch campaign or agency by yourself, you can always try contacting experts of the field to help build the site for you. This way, you can keep focusing on getting new leads without missing a beat! 

And that’s it for our list! In need of an attractive, professionally designed property microsite? Look no further than SellMoreCondos (SMC)! Our experts have the experience and means to create the perfect microsite for your new launch campaigns or property agency. But that’s not all, we are also well-versed in crafting property landing pages, google ads, and even lead gen efforts via our property lead system Of course, you don’t have to simply take our word for it. Get in touch with our friendly team and try our services for yourself today! 

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