Ways To Market A Condo Launch

5 Easy Ways To Market Your Next Condo Launch

Tired of churning out stale marketing and spending a fortune on strategies with poor results? Try these tips on your next launch for red-hot leads!

Marketing campaigns are essential for running a successful property business. 

In fact, you can even go as far as to say they’re the lifeblood of your real estate company. 

But if we’re being honest, realtors don’t always have the time to launch a robust or large-scale campaign if their company lacks the resources, time, and expertise for such an undertaking. 

So, where does that leave you? At a dead end with dried up leads? 

Well, it’s time to break that cycle with these fool-proof tips that will ensure your sales pipeline never runs dry. 

Let’s dive right in! 

1. Set up Google Ads
2. Go digital with microsites
3. Employ virtual staging
4. Focus on video marketing
5. Hire digital marketing experts

Real estate agents can effectively market their listings to prospective buyers and entice them enough to engage their services with the help of Google Ads, a popular form of PPC advertising.

This is one of the best ways to get your name out there, since it effectively connects you with your target audience right when they’re searching for you. This means if your goal is to meet hot leads, Google Ads makes it possible to achieve nearly instantaneous results rather than having to wait for months like when relying on organic searches alone. 

Arguably one of the best parts about this marketing tactic is its win-win arrangement. Other than bidding and paying for your keywords, you only spend when people actually click on your ads. So, while your expenses might change from day to day, they won't exceed your maximum monthly budget.  

If you’re interested to learn more about PPC advertising before trying them out, we have more articles on this digital marketing strategy – so be sure to have a read!    

Pro tip: It’s important to keep in mind that simply creating click-worthy ads aren’t enough unless you follow up with high-converting landing pages. This way, you’re reinforcing the message contained in the ad, which gives you the best chance at successfully gaining a lead. 

2. Go digital with microsites

In today’s digital age, a lack of online presence for your business is the same as not existing or being invisible. 

This in itself should tell you how important it is to leave behind a digital footprint of some kind – and we recommend property microsites. 

It’s no secret that we love these smaller, more focused, and cost-efficient sites, but don’t be swayed by that alone. Microsites are also easier to develop and faster to place, making them ideal for short-term property campaigns or to even as a long-term independent homepage representing your real estate company. 

As such, microsites are a versatile and convenient tool to have in hand when you’re planning your next launch. 

Pro tip: If you’re interested in pursuing a more active marketing approach with your microsites, try writing blog articles at least once a week. The idea behind this strategy is to search engine optimize (SEO) your blog content so it organically ranks and is easily searchable by buyers. 

3. Employ virtual staging

Wondering how you can attract the attention of homebuyers without spending a fortune on traditional staging? Try using virtual staging websites to give prospects a sneak peek of the home interior, and along with that, a taste of what they could have. 

Simply put, virtual staging is more than just using software to digitally decorate spaces – it allows you to also showcase individual rooms at their highest potential, essentially transforming the house you’re marketing into your buyer’s ideal home. 

In other words, you get all the benefits that come with physical staging, but at a fraction of the cost and without the need for decluttering or furnishing the space. This marketing tactic is also perfect because it appeals to today’s modern buyers who prefer to look at images online before deciding to even physically visit the house. 

As a result, regardless of whether you work on editing those images yourself or hiring professionals to take that task off your hands, this marketing strategy is a more convenient and cost-efficient way to sell your listings at a faster pace. 

4. Focus on video marketing

Real estate video marketing is a great way to help you stand out as well as boost your sales and conversion rates. 


It’s simple – videos are more engaging. 

As humans, our brains are wired to digest visual information faster than text. As a result, a quick video is all agents need to get their message across to buyers. In fact, they even act as the last nudge buyers need to succumb to their curiosity and leave behind relevant contact details. It’s no wonder home-tour videos are growing in popularity among property agents in Singapore! 

But if you’re not confident in your video direction skills, don’t worry. All you will need is your smartphone and an editing app to get you started! 

Here are a couple ideas you can try out; 

  • Try interview video with buyers, sellers, or other professionals of the field you’ve worked with in the past
  • Show off in-house amenities
  • Record videos focusing on your special offers or early-bird discount 
  • Shoot surrounding eateries, schools, and entertainments areas
  • Try taking an about us or an agency service introduction video
  • Record neighbourhood or community videos
  • Post behind the scenes processes or updates

5. Hire digital marketing experts

If you have the budget to spare, consider hiring a digital marketing agency to help you out. 

From running pay-per-click advertisements, to web development, and more, contracting the services of these agencies allow you to tap into the best lead generating strategies and techniques to drive sales. 

Ultimately, this only leaves you with the responsibility of closing on the qualified leads they send your way. No more splitting your focus, resources, and time between figuring out ways to improve your lead conversions – doesn’t get easier than that, right? 

Interested in more tips to help you build a successful new launch campaign for your properties? Head on over to our LinkedIn or Facebook page for regular property lead generation content!

On the other hand, are you looking for property lead gen experts to ensure your new launch campaign is smooth sailing to success? Then look no further! At SellMoreCondos (SMC), we have worked on a comprehensive list of campaigns with more than 80 realtors across Singapore. Our skills include generating leads for new launches with a range of digital marketing solutions, like property microsites, landing pages, and real estate Google Ads. In fact, we even assisted a client to net a total of $75k in our latest project! Get in touch with our capable team today to learn more about our services.

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