Hard Truths Of Real Estate Google Ads Marketing
Google Ads (SEM)

5 Hard Truths of Real Estate Google Ads Marketing

There's no reason why you should waste cash figuring out these truths. Read on as we put you on the reality of marketing with Google Ads.

Happen to chance upon Google Ads marketing and contemplating if you should give it a go?

Well, before you get started, let’s take a look at some hard Google Ads truths to better prep you on this marketing journey. 

Let’s dive right in!

1. It requires patience to reap returns
2. Success is not straightforward
3. The competition is stiff
4. You need to know how to write performant ad copies
5. It's costly for beginners

1. It requires patience to reap returns

As cliché as it sounds, patience is key.

It’s a common misconception that once you’ve invested in Google Ads, you can expect to see results within a few weeks or a month. 

But if you're looking for quick returns, Google Ads might not be the best marketing strategy for you. In fact, a successful Google Ads campaign will take at least 3 months to mature, and 4 to 12 months to develop into a strong campaign. 

The reason behind this time frame is because of data collection

You see, you can only better optimize your campaigns and figure out what works for your target audience when you have enough data collected to make informed decisions – and naturally, this only happens after a period of time.  

This information will then help you improve your ads, like identifying the most popular search terms potential customers use, or figuring out which ad copies lead to higher conversions. 

2. Success is not straightforward

Success when DIY-ing your Google Ads isn't a given – most of the time, the road to creating effective ads involves some trial and error. So, here are a few lessons we picked up along the way that will help you better navigate marketing on this platform; 

  • Try to get the first move advantage. If you’re able to secure the latest information from developers like news on upcoming new launch condos, their pricing details, floor plans, and show flat dates, you can establish your credibility in the field as a competent  real estate agent.  
  • There’s still a chance to generate leads if you're a tad bit late to pick up the project or listing, but don’t join in if it’s already saturated.  It's always good to start early. 
  • Be up to date. If your competitors have listed their dates or pricing, be sure to keep up with them. Prioritize keeping yourself and your prospects in the loop. 

3. The competition is stiff

With its almost infinite reach and large room for audience targeting, Google Ads is a well-loved marketing platform. While this provides an edge for real estate agents to find hot leads, it also means competition is tough. 

So how do you get around this issue? 

Well, the secret to winning the competition is to outsmart your competitors.

Start by incorporating these simple, yet effective tips to boost your quality score and conversions; 

  • Numbers speak louder than words. Use them in your ads to attract the attention of your target market. 
  • Add more ad extensions to increase the size of your ad. 
  • Include keywords in your headlines, descriptions as well as your landing page. 

Once you’re done with the above, focus on improving your landing pages. You’ll be surprised at the number of realtors that choose to launch their campaigns even with poorly designed landing pages or ones that are filled with broken links. 

Remember, your ads and landing page are a package deal. There’s no point working hard on creating persuasive ad copies, only to forfeit yourself from the competition by overlooking the importance of these pages. 

Pro tip: If you’d like to compete with big spenders, you’ll need to commit more activity to your account. Try consistently adding new keywords, negative keywords, and improving your existing ad copies. Diligence will be your best weapon against your competitors without having to spend an extra dollar.

4. You need to know how to write performant ad copies

Ad copies are the heart of your campaign and writing quality ads takes time and skills. 

Compelling, genuine ad copies require you to focus on your client’s needs and benefits. This also includes showing them your value without coming across as pushy.

If that sounds like a lot of rules to follow, start with asking yourself these basic questions – “What are your audience interested in?” as well as “If everyone is showcasing the same benefits, how can you stand out from the crowd?”. 

The answers to these questions will help you write a copy that will capture the attention of your prospects.

For example, when creating a Google Ad to sell luxury condominiums, try using attractive keywords like “premium”, “prime”, “ultra luxury'' or “freehold”. You can also include unique selling points (USP) that highlight your personality, way of doing business, customer service skills, and how you make your clients feel about the buying or selling process. 

Pro tip: Another suggestion for your ads is to include a call to action that deviates from the typical ‘Call Now’. Instead try using lines like, “Download E brochure here”, “View Price List & Floor Plans” or “Schedule Showflat Viewing”.

5. It's costly for beginners

Yes, running Google Ads will be expensive – if it’s not done right.

As a beginner, even the setup process can get a little confusing. Add in terms like ‘clicks’, ‘conversions’ or questions like, “What kind of keywords should I bid for?”, or “How much of my budget should I allocate to my campaigns?”, and you’re quickly lost in a maze with no way out. 

So, equip yourself with knowledge.

 Research the right keywords, bidding strategy, and business acumen that would suit your budget allocation to best prepare yourself. Alternatively, you could even hire real estate Google Ads experts to take this task off your hands – indefinitely! 

In a nutshell, running Google Ads is not a walk in the park. It takes time, effort, experience, and patience to find the right keywords, continuously optimize and ultimately, see results. However, if done right (and with due diligence), you can expect leads to start rolling in with ease!

Ready to make your Google ads work?

At SMC, our Google Ads experts specialize in running ads for the real estate agents in Singapore. Over the years, we have guided more than 80 property marketing agencies across the country to boost their lead figures and along with that, earn $30,000 to $180,000 more comms. But that’s not all, our creative experts are also trained in crafting effective property landing pages, microsites, and many other digital marketing solutions for your lead gen efforts. So, if you’re interested in fresh content for your new condo launch campaigns, get in touch with our friendly team today!

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