Signs Your Brokerage Needs A Microsite

5 Tell-tale Signs Your Brokerage Needs A Microsite (ASAP!)

“What's the point of a microsite if my property business is already running without one?". Read on to identify signs indicating you need a microsite!

If your property marketing agency has made it this far without a microsite, you might be asking yourself, "Do I really need one for my business?". 

Well, to put it briefly, there has never been a better or more crucial time to spend on building a microsite for your real estate business than right now. 

If the past few years under lockdown have taught us anything, it’s that putting your business online is vital to its survival through economical ups and downs. Admittedly, the pandemic isn’t exactly a cause for concern anymore, but how sure are you that your business isn’t bearing the brunt of not having a property microsite? 

Could you actually be losing opportunities to connect with leads and earn your comms? Are there any signs you should be looking out for? 

Let’s find out! 

1. Your sales and comms are stagnant

A decade or two ago, you could get away without an online representation. 

But that’s not the case anymore, especially when most buyers are searching for potential properties online first before they look anywhere else. This simply means if you haven’t already built a microsite showcasing your current listings as well as upcoming projects, your company is practically invisible to a sizable pool of prospects – hence, why your sales and comms are not picking up. 

In fact, Singapore's housing market has seen a $24B surge in the first half of 2021 alone. So, if you were not among those who successfully closed deals during that period, it might be time to build a real estate microsite to boost your chances at selling. 

Because let’s be honest – if you have little to no presence over the Internet, you are simply losing your leads and customers to your online competitor.

2. You've picked a geographical area you're marketing to

Once you’ve narrowed down your target audience, a microsite can come in handy when directing their attention your way. 

Many agents still favour using the tried-and-true methods of neighbourhood marketing, such as billboards, postcards, mailers, newspaper ads, and flyers. While these methods work fine enough to bring in leads, the harsh truth is that conventional advertising is costly. 

For instance, instead of spending thousands on printing and delivering billboard pieces, postcards, or physical mails, developing a property microsite is a one-time cost that will benefit you as long as you keep the site optimized. 

One such benefit includes geo-targeting – a strategy commonly used with the help of SEO. This process includes optimizing your content with keywords to appear to those who make searches for your target location. Once you’ve done this, you can be at the right place, at the right time to offer your services when a prospect needs or wants it! 

Pro tip: Try using keywords that take into account location such as postcodes, town names, and even the area in general. 

3. You have a new condo launch campaign

We always tell our customers that putting yourself and your campaigns out on the Internet is one of the best ways to get qualified leads. 

Here’s a simple example why – did you know that in spite of not being in the market for a new home, HSBC's 2019 Beyond the Bricks survey reports Singaporeans still spend an average of 3.29 hours per week window shopping for real estate, perusing real estate magazines, and browsing online listings? 

This means you have the best chance at getting leads for your new launch condos without putting in much effort when you have a microsite. Once you have crossed out the headache of finding leads yourself, making a sale and earning your rightful comms will quickly fall into line as well! 

4. You want to cement yourself as the local property expert

Having a microsite on hand is like having free advertising on a daily basis. These sites make your real estate company easily accessible to anyone who performs a quick web search from any region of the country. 

This means even if prospects don’t immediately seek out your services when they come across your site, the continuous association they make when your page ranks for property-related searches will eventually increase your credibility as a legitimate real estate expert. 

In the long run, those potential prospects will convert into leads when they decide to buy a home in an area where you’re selling. 

5. You're ready to spend money on real estate digital marketing

Digital marketing is a field that has been growing in popularity – and for good reason. 

Not only does it allow businesses to expand their reach, but it also helps them to connect with more potential buyers, which speeds up the process of lead generation several times over. When done right, digital marketing can even yield high return on investment. 

For example, hiring a digital marketing company for your real estate typically costs somewhere around $1,000 per month in Singapore. But spending on a 120 second TV ad can cost $4,000 and $200 for a 30 to 60 second radio ad – both of which will only run for a temporary period, unlike a site on Google that will last as long as you don’t delete it. Win-win, right? 

But why should you choose microsites instead of websites? 

When people consider investing in digital marketing, they first think about developing websites - after all, it’s one of the most well-known business tools out there. But microsites are not only cheaper, they’re also a more focused option among the both. This makes them a superior choice for targeting audiences as well as getting attention for your new launches. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Interested in quality, attractive microsites packed with compelling copy to best showcase your property business? Look no further than SellMoreCondos (SMC)! With years of experience crafting well-designed microsites and engaging content for real estate lead gen, our experts have even successfully produced 80 leads in one campaign alone – yielding a total commission of $75k! But that’s not where our skills end. We also specialize in property landing pages and google ads services, offered within a range of affordable packages. Keen to learn more? Get in touch with our friendly team today!  

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