Increase Your Property Microsite Visibility On Google

5 Ways To Increase Your Property Microsite's Visibility on Google

Website visibility is key to skyrocketing your sales and comms. So, here are 5 ways (+ some extra tips) on how you can effectively achieve this!

So, you’ve finally succumbed to building your very own property microsite after reading about our many raves? Well, congratulations – you’re already one step closer to achieving your property marketing goals! 

But what’s next? 

Well, you’ll need to gain Google’s attention so they offer up your site whenever prospects search information related to your services. 

Fortunately, there are several tried-and-true strategies that can help you improve your microsite’s visibility. In this article, we'll be discussing what those are and exploring what makes them so effective.

Let’s dive right in! 

1. Register with Google Search Console
2. Register with Google Business
3. Get your page up to speed
4. Build backlinks for your microsite
5. Keep up to date with Google's SEO requirements
6. Bonus tips!

1. Register with Google Search Console

The first step to drawing the search engine giant’s attention, is to let it know you exist – and that’s exactly what registering with Google Search Console (GSC) can do for you. 

Previously known as Webmaster, this free service from Google allows you to submit your website along with its sitemap for indexing. The information you receive in return can even help you measure and improve your microsite ranking! 

In fact, here is a list of what GSC can do to improve your property microsite’s SEO; 

  • Track keyword ranking, site metrics, impressions, organic traffic, etc.  
  • Check out any manual or security actions that Google has identified.
  • Spot and troubleshoot usability issues.
  • Check which third party pages are linking to your site.
  • Identify and submit removals, disavow files, and sitemaps.

2. Register with Google Business

Google Business is the perfect way to improve your real estate agency’s local search visibility. 

Simply put, if a homebuyer is looking for a property agent in your area, Google will immediately present them with your Business Profile including relevant information like your agency’s name, location, opening hours, photos, customer reviews – and most importantly, a link to your microsite.

This helps you not only effectively present your business information to your target audiences, but also keeps it at the forefront of their minds. 

Pro tip: Once you’ve registered with Google Business, it's important to always keep your profile updated with any new images as well as changes on contact information or opening hours.

3. Get your page up to speed

Did you know that Google even ranks pages based on their loading speed? This means having a fast site gives you an edge over pages that take longer to load. 

But why does this matter? 

Well, think about it – when was the last time you were willing to wait for more than 5 seconds when a page took too long to load? 

We’re betting you might not even remember the event. 

Living in the digital age means everything is quick and convenient. As such, users don’t have the patience to wait for your microsite to load, often choosing to click away when they’re not satisfied with its performance. This was when the search engine giant decided to take site speed into account in their search rankings. 

But that’s not the only reason why site speed is important for your business. 

When visitors click on your page, you’re given the opportunity to wow them enough with your services that they convert into leads. But when your page is slow to load, chances are you’ll end up losing most of your prospects to competitors with a faster load time. 

Backlinks are when someone links to your website from their site. The more sites that link to you, the higher you will rank in Google. 

This is because these links basically act as upvotes for your content, especially if sites linking back to you have already established themselves as authoritative and trustworthy sources in Singapore’s real estate industry. 

Simply put, this tells Google that people looking for information relevant to your services would prefer your microsite rather than others. 

Here are a few ways you can generate backlinks; 

  • Reach out to relevant sites and blogs with requests to link your content on their platforms.
  • Regularly produce keyword-rich, lengthy content on your microsite.
  • Encourage people to share your microsite and blog posts on social media.

Pro tip: Stay away from any businesses that claim to produce backlinks for you – chances are they’re low-quality links. Similar to keyword stuffing, engaging in spammy activity or participating in link schemes can only hurt your organic search rankings. 

5. Keep up to date with Google's SEO requirements

If you’re planning on climbing Google’s ranks, it makes sense to play by their rules. 

One such rule is to stay up to date with Google’s guide on search engine optimization (SEO). This guide covers the fundamentals of SEO, including how to use headers, meta descriptions, and keyword-rich content effectively as well as accurately.

So, be sure to thoroughly read it and implement all of its recommendations!  

6. Bonus tips!

Including the above, here are some additional ways you can work on boosting your search result placement; 

Looking for more tips like these to help improve your property marketing efforts? Then make sure to visit our LinkedIn or Facebook where we share regular real estate content for brokers like you!

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