7 ways to generate hot leads for new condo launches in Singapore

7 time tested ways to generate more leads for new condo launches in Singapore

Generating leads for new launches are not easy but hot leads mean more sales. Here are 7 of the best way to gen more leads (and some cool tricks to boost each).

As realtors, you already know that getting hot property leads is the most important thing for your property business, especially when selling new launches. Lead generation for new launches in Singapore can be a complicated and competitive exercise.

So we've come up with a simple list that will help tell you more about all the methods, their pros and cons, and one cool trick to consider for each.

Here are the 7 methods we will be discussing in this article.

1. Google Ads (best)
2. Flyers
3. Roadshows
4. Property portals
5. Social media posts
6. Social media ads
7. Traditional ads
*Bonus*: How to implement a system?

If you know SMC, you know this was coming. We love Google Ads.

Google Ads works like this. We (you or me) input a bunch of keywords and ads onto the Google Ads platform. When someone searches for any of the keywords we've put in, tada, our ad appears as the dream answer for the question they just asked Google. And the better your ad, the higher you will show (position 1-4 on any Google search is almost always ads).

We feel Google is the undisputed king when generating leads for new condo launches. Why? Because of the consumers' intent.

For most of the other methods you are about to see, the consumers' intent is not high or, in most cases, not even clear. However, when someone is searching for a condo using keywords we find to indicate interest (by the condo's characteristics), you know they are serious or at least the condo has been sitting on their mind.

The best leads are always the ones that seek you out. And this is what makes Google Ads probably the best solution for generating leads for new launches in Singapore.


High Intent
Relatively cheap
Great returns on ad spend


Technical to do it well
Many factors to consider

One cool trick to consider:

Try using all of the ad extensions, or you can speak to us to help you. Like we have over 80 agents from 5 different companies.



We've seen agents build entire agencies on the back of flyers in the early 2000s. Printing their face and info about the property for sale and handing it out to people is the flyer game.

Today, it can include QR codes and be targeted in its distribution. You can even pay others to do the print and distribution for you.

The only issue with using flyers for generating leads for new condo launches is the low hit rates. It may take thousands of flyers to find 1 lead. And the lead may not even be a hot one.

It also has the 'I am a bit dinosaur' messaging. These are just some of the reasons why while we still see property agents use flyers these days, very few agents are solely reliant on them.


Simple to do


Low hit rates
Low intent
People throwing your face in the rubbish bin

Two cool tricks to consider:

1. Instead of trying to distribute in the walkways or MRT stations on your own, engage a distribution service that can do some targeted distribution.

- Singpost
- Flyer Distribution SG
- City post

2. Add a QR code to your website, listing or WhatsApp. Here are some generators you can use:
- QR Code Generator
- qrcodemonkey


Social Media Posting

Social media is split into 2 types. The first is posting your content on social platforms such as TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, WeChat, etc. The second is, advertising on those platforms and other places like Youtube.

Social media is big. Everyone, who is hip, is on it. So it makes sense to post your content for people to see and act on, right?

The biggest challenges on social media are organically attracting people to see your content and building trust. Besides doing some crazy acts to go viral, there aren't many people viewing your posts until you have a following. Also, do people really want a crazy realtor?

In a way, social media posting is just like putting up a flyer on a noticeboard.

Sometimes you get lucky, and the right person sees it. Other times, no one sees it as there is no footfall near it.

Trust also takes a long time to build because of the vast amount of content already on social media. If no one pays attention to your content because it is too similar to others, how will they know you or trust you?

People need to know you and then see your content. Then they have to see your content enough before they trust you enough to sign up as a lead for the new launch condo you are marketing. Let's face it, it is going to take a while.

A long while of consistent posting.

However, most platforms are free, so you should post your content there. Just build up your own personal brand and have a digital presence.


Free or very low cost
It can be done on your own


Needs to be very creative
Organic reach may not be high
The audience may not be suitable/targeted

2 cool tricks to consider:

- Use more videos. Videos generate more interest for your. Get a video system from Matterport 360 videos (first one free) or get a Matterport video done for you by a registered Matterport vendor.

- Also, focus on TikTok. It seems to be the best channel for organic reach so far (not sure how long that will last with their ads platform maturing)


Social Media Ads

Now, this is a major reason why posting original content on social media doesn't work too well as a tool for lead generation for real estate.

Social media companies (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn and the likes) want you to pay to reach their users, and ads are their main business. A good business person like yourself knows that you got to build your business around what makes the most money.

However, it is not all bad. Having access to ads means that you don't have to worry about the content being viral. You merely have to produce a great ad that pre-sells your new launch well or creates interest hoping that the audience will give a lead. You probably will have access to demographic targeting and interest targeting.

Such forms of ads attract leads with lower intent.

You have to understand that they were not looking to buy, and you merely sparked an interest in them, so they will enquire. But it is a property lead, after all. So hopefully, you can turn the lead's interest into a firm want and close the deal.


Can reach a specific group of audience
No need to worry about the ad needing to be viral


Can be expensive
A lot of competition
Intent may not be high

One cool trick to consider:

Video ads. Videos are the new in-thing. Showing video tours, or at least a video slideshow of the new launch, makes it far more likely for you to capture a lead than an ad that is just simple pictures.


Property Portals

Property portals have changed the way agents market property. Anyone can search for any type of property at any time without giving away any of their personal information. PropertyGuru, for example, has millions of visitors every month. It is very easy to get started and rather affordable to start.

Property portals make money from agents' listings and advertising. While the traffic quality is good, people are often shopping around. So to be visible to the traffic, you need to boost your status. And boosting costs money.

On top of that, these portals' focus is on listing as many units as possible, so they aren't always focused on new launch lead generation. Because more listings mean more money.


Gathers a lot of interest
Cheap to get started


Expensive if you want to be more visible
A lot of competition
Can view other agent's marketing
Dependency on the portal - platform risk

Two cool tricks to consider:

- First, fill in lots of details for each property, and it will help you align with the search functions on the portals.

- Again, it is videos. Listings with a video tour are far more likely to generate leads than those without. You really need to get some videos done.



Ah, good old backbreaking, leg cramming roadshows. Don't get us wrong, and they absolutely work, and if not, they won't be on this list. It just feels a bit hassle-y, tiring, and demoralising for some property agents.

The great thing is that they are usually in areas of high footfall and, for new launches, near (-ish) the site where the new condo is to be built. It is perfect for finding people who want to upgrade but don't really want to leave their estate.


Sponsored or affordable


Leg and back pain-inducing

One cool trick to consider:

Pre-market your roadshow. Run simple Facebook and Instagram ads to tell the people you will be there near where they are. Simple things like that can really help to improve conversions.


Print/Traditional Ads

Wow. Are there people still doing this?

Of course. And it can work wonders.

We've seen TV ads by agents, and we've seen classifieds and print ads and everything in between. And they seem to be doing rather well.

Why does it still work? Because people still watch TV, read papers and/or magazines, and listen to the radio (although every digital marketer wants you to believe otherwise).

The challenge often is the cost and the difficulty in marketing new launches on traditional media as an agent.

It is hard to compete for air time and ad space because the better channels are prohibitively expensive. This is why new launch in traditional media is usually reserved for the developers. Agents who use print and traditional media ads are often branding themselves or are looking at more obscure channels so that the cost to advertise is cheaper - but that doesn't mean it yields better results.


Can reach a large audience



One cool trick to consider:

Find Chinese, Indian or Malay overseas channels to market in. With Mio, Starhub, set-top boxes and streaming, advertising on overseas channels can be a cheaper way to get on TV while ensuring at least some Singaporeans still see it.

So now what?

You now know more about the best ways to advertise & generate property leads for your new launch marketing. What's next?

While we broke down many of the top channels above, the truth is you would need to do more than 1 if you want to be a top producer.

Google certainly has the edge for lead generation for real estate (especially when marketing for new launches in Singapore). So that's a must. Other than that, you can choose the channels you want to use.

The channels you choose should play to your strengths. Have great content (and maybe even good looking)? Social media is gonna do wonders for you. Very systematic? Ads are gonna work better for you. Targeting older audiences? Try the more traditional mediums.

Whatever you do, you need it to help you, not give you more pain and worry.

Here are the steps to take.

Step 1:

Decide which strategies you are going to use

Step 2:

Decide if you will do it yourself (spend your time learning from scratch) or higher a new launch property marketing agency to do the work for you (hire us!)

Step 3:

Create the relevant content for the channels

Step 4:

Get more leads and close.

Now, before you do all this, though, remember to:

1. Build a site and place your listings on your own site.

Over time, you want to send more and more traffic to your site. Visitors to your site can give you an edge in marketing.

2. Update your socials with all your latest info.

More people are going to be finding you. The last thing you want is to have no information about yourself.

3. Create a follow-up system.

Every lead you get should be followed up with within 24 hours. Even a holding reply will do, and just make sure you send one.

And that's it. You're all set to go conquer the world of new launches.

Wishing you all the very best.

Your trusted property marketing friend,

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