8 Reasons Why Every Small Business Needs a Website in 2022

8 Reasons Why Every Serious Estate Agent Needs a Website

Think you don’t need a website for your small business? Think again. Read more to find out how your small business can start generating some serious leads!

8 Reasons Why Every Serious Estate Agent Needs a Website 

Trying to sell property in Singapore? Struggling to attract new clients and wondering how to tap into the market? One of the best ways to get an edge over your competitors is to target your niche audience through a website that attracts the right buyers and sellers you need, whether that means high-end residential properties or commercial properties. This is where SEO works as a game changer for your online digital presence—making it easy for potential clients to find listings that appeal to them and leading them to contact you for more information. 

Don’t wait another day to transform your reach. Developing a modern, engaging, and high-converting website tailored to the needs of the market audience you’re serving is one of the best, easily achievable, and long-term investments you can make when jumping into the real estate business in Singapore.  

Without further ado, here are some of the top reasons why your real estate agency needs a website! 

1.    Interested buyers use online search by default

Not prioritizing digitalization was a mistake for many traditional businesses that proved fatal, and this was seen as recently as in the past year. The significant uptick of online retail sales compared to the previous year also indicates the general trend you can expect for consumer habits. As the pandemic has highlighted, businesses in Singapore increasingly need to adapt to changing consumer lifestyles and behaviour in order to stay relevant – of which, establishing an online presence is key. 

From looking up the best wanton noodles in your area, to directions, and everything in between, people search the web constantly – and homebuyers are no different. They spend hours diligently scrolling across online listings on multiple websites to find the perfect home. This search continues regardless of whether they’re at home relaxing on the weekend, on the way back from work during public transport, or during their lunch break. Establishing your online presence to tap into this ongoing traffic is one of the best ways to put yourself out there and secure connections with potential clients who are already searching for what you can offer, as well as extending your reach to clients outside of your area of specialization. Don’t limit yourself to traditional offline marketing in this digital economy –you’re missing out on valuable leads you could be gaining. 

2.    A website attracts the younger generations of property buyers and sellers

The younger generations of property buyers and sellers in Singapore are now in a more favourable position to purchase homes, businesses, or investment properties than before. As such, real estate agency websites are one of the best ways to help you reach these prospective investors and property owners.  As the younger generations grow increasingly tech-savvy, the Internet is a default resource they use to find what they’re looking for. By setting up your very own realtor website on the internet, you tap into this valuable platform and connect with this growing pool of young buyers and sellers online. In fact, failing to utilize it will actually put you at a severe disadvantage in this digital economy. 

3.    The web is an excellent venue for fair competition

One of the most outstanding achievements of the web over the last decade is that it has significantly levelled the playing field for smaller businesses. In the past, large corporate brands had the advantage in the market; but today anyone can build a website and compete for the same clientele. With the internet’s increasing importance, even newcomers can effectively break into the market previously dominated by big corporate names and maintain a competitive presence, simply through a great website and SEO optimization. 

4.    Your website is a quick reference for your clients

Your website can act as a quick reference for clients when you’re not available to respond to inquiries. In any business context, availability is vital. No one wants to fall victim to a scam artist, so when you have a mature, well-designed website, you’ll earn more leads. The general idea is to make potential property buyers feel comfortable enough to book a follow-up meeting, but it’s not so simple in the real world.

Besides, a real estate website can add more value to your services by providing valuable information and helpful guidance on the buying and selling process that educates your client and builds your credibility with them by demonstrating your expertise, even before they take the step to make an inquiry. It enables them to feel reassured and confident in choosing you and provides the assurance so crucial to any business transaction, especially in the current conditions where scams are so prevalent, and customer trust is so easily destabilized. 

5.    A website saves time for you and potential clients

Having a website also affords you the benefit of being available to potential buyers and sellers around the clock. Even when you are unable to immediately respond to inquiries and follow up on leads, a website enables you to maintain an online presence, providing information that your prospective clients can referto, potentially pre-empt their questions or answer them for you. Imagine the time and energy you can save with something as simple as an FAQ page on your website which addresses commonly asked questions that you would otherwise have to answer over and over. Similarly, a page bot can instantly engage visitors to your website and quickly identify what they are looking for. Your website can help save you valuable time by addressing and answering the preliminary questions of prospective customers and enable both current, as well as prospective clients, to get in touch with you easily. 

6.    Online users tend to be quick buyers

Online users also tend to be decisive buyers who are ready to move on to the following stages. The only thing holding them back is the access to choices of properties– especially if they are unfamiliar with the Singapore real estate scene. This is where you come in to offer sound guidance! In traditional offline marketing, you would be meeting with buyers and sellers face-to-face to – a slow, often prolonged process to build a business’ brand. In contrast, securing your clients online means increasing the rate at which you gain leads, which in turn tend to move at a faster, more decisive pace. 

7.    A website provides more straightforward channels of communication

Sometimes, a simple phone number is all people need to see when you're available. A website ensures interested buyers always have a clear, direct channel to contact you, and updated information they can easily refer to no matter where they are or when they want it, just one click away. Without a well-designed website, buyers will have to scour for basic information, which makes it harder to sell real estate in a growing market like Singapore. Having your email address and phone number available on your website makes it as convenient as possible for interested buyers to get in touch with you, encouraging them to start the conversation and create leads for you to follow up on. 

8.    Grow your personal brand

Besides becoming a platform for immediate potential leads, a website is also an invaluable way of growing your personal brand. Personal branding is crucial for you to set yourself apart from the competition in your field; your clients must see the benefit and difference in choosing to work with you versus with any other real estate agent out there. As such, having your own website will establish name recognition and build brand awareness for yourself. Tools such as a blog page to let viewers know more about you and demonstrate your knowledge, integrating targeted keywords through SEO that indicate your areas of focus, reflecting your unique branding through customized designs and content, and incorporating client testimonials all help you to distinguish your self from competitors. With a medley of these information, you can effectively build your credibility, and create a lasting impression as a relevant and useful resource with answers they are looking for. 

As clients also repeatedly come across your website in the process of researching houses for sale online, their impressions of it will increasingly associate you and your company’s name with home buying or selling services. Regardless of whether they immediately choose to engage you or not, this contributes to building your brand and paves the way for future leads and sales. This means you no longer need to rely solely on word of mouth or returning customers to secure new customers!

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