8 Tips To Advertise New Condo Launches
Google Ads (SEM)

8 Tips To Create Effective Google Ads For Your New Condo Launches

Looking to create compelling and powerful ads to lead gen? Read on to find out how you can maximize your Google Ads to close a listing (& earn more comms)!

Google Ads is one of the most flexible marketing platforms with high returns on investments out there. Yet, it is also one of the least used advertising methods among realtors. If you’re still trying to figure out what’s the big deal about Google Ads, then here are some numbers to help you see the bigger picture: As the most popular search engine used in the country, about 95% of Singapore’s population uses Google on a daily basis. And since 2 out 5 adults shop online, you’re missing out on the opportunity to lead gen for real estate among at least 2 million people. 

Simply put, Google Ads helps you tap into Google’s massive audience reach, and improves your chance to come in contact with buyers you otherwise have no chance of reaching. Can you imagine the amount of deals you could be closing and comms you could be earning with this marketing technique? 

If you want your agents to focus on closing, leaving the lead generation to your ads, then let’s take a look at the top Google Ads strategies you should be following for best results! 


1. Set A Clear Objective

Before going live with your ad, make sure to first have a clear goal. If you’re thinking, ‘Isn’t the goal here to get more property leads?’, you’re not wrong. But who exactly are you selling to? Are you planning on marketing the homes to retirees who are interested in switching their current home for a small, yet spacious condo? Is it first home buyers? Do you have any special offers for early bird buyers? Are you looking for investors? Make sure to have all this information, so that you can put together a clear, targeted ad that would appeal to these groups and boost your chances of getting leads. 

2. Build A Great Structure

A great tip for creating a solid ad copy is by following the AIDA principle of advertising. You want to make sure your ad catches the Attention of your audience group, raises their Interest, convinces them that they Desire your condos or service, and finally leads them towards taking an Action. One of the best things about Google Ads is there is already buying intent. Since they made a search on Google related to your property, there is a high chance that you already have their attention – and maybe even interest. This cuts down your work by half.  

What you have left is creating a desire to look at what you have to offer and a drive to take action. Go into detail (But not too much. Nobody wants to read an essay) on how exactly the houses can help your prospect alleviate a certain problem, and more importantly, why your real estate agency is the perfect solution to it.  

Good advertising always inspires action. But what specific action do you want your buyer, seller, or investor to perform? Do you want them to leave behind their contact information in a form? Would you rather have them call your agency instead? Figure this out, create a compelling Call To Action (CTA), and you’ll have a high quality lead on your hands! 

Alternatively, you could hire a property digital marketing agency to help take care of this task for you. With more in-house marketing knowledge, years of experience in copywriting as well as Google Ads account management, advertising agencies will help you sleep better at night knowing your money is being put to good use. 


3. Use geotarget

It doesn’t matter how good your ad is. If it doesn’t appear in the right place and to the right people, it won’t do well. So, make sure to narrow down your target locations. If you believe that people living in other locations may not be interested in relocating to where your condo is, you can even exclude those areas. From there, the geo-targeting feature on the Google Ads platform will help you advertise only to people in chosen locations. Honing in and concentrating on specific locations can drastically boost your chances of getting leads to get more business.

Besides, since Google Ads work on pay- per-click basis (meaning you pay a fee every time your ad is clicked on), you actually save money by avoiding those who may be interested in your services but do not live in the area or city you serve.

4. Ensure Campaigns Are Mobile-Optimized

Mobile optimization means that your ads are visible and works smoothly for people using handphones. Why is this important? Well, more than half of Google’s users make searches from their mobile, rather than laptops. If your ad or landing page is not mobile optimized, Google will not offer your ad to those using their phones. That’s a lot of wasted opportunities for business. Pairing a mobile-friendly landing page with mobile-specific CTAs will result in higher conversion rates (yay, more comms!) and also positive user experience (yay, good impressions!). 


5. Run Ads With Extensions

Other than writing a powerful ad copy, you should also use various extensions to provide valuable information to your audience and help your ads properly stand out among competition. Here are some of our favourite Google Ads extensions;

  • Sitelink Extension: This feature offers prospects additional links to pages other than your ad’s landing page, like your agency’s website. In fact, if used right, you can even get more traffic and leads with your sitelink extension as well as ads! 
  • Call Extensions: This Google Ad extension allows users to call you with a single click, making it a quick and easy way to get high-quality leads to contact your agents.
  • Callout Extensions: Just like Sitelink Extensions, this information appears beneath your actual advertisement, but they're not clickable. It simply provides the viewer with additional information about your services or the advertised condo and can help improve the effectiveness of your main advertisement.

6. Make Sure Your Landing Page Is Optimized

Having your prospect click on the ad is only half of the goal. The rest is to offer them information on the new condo launches once they reach your landing page. This content has to be relevant to them and persuasive enough to make them sign up for a newsletter or leave behind their contact information. If you're running separate campaigns for first home buyers, investors, downsizers, and luxury real estate buyers, each of these audience groups should also have their own landing page. 

Here are more guidelines to follow; 

  • Create a short, snappy, and clear CTA
  • Avoid using your property agency’s home page as a landing page 
  • The landing page's headlines and copy should match the ad's headline and description
  • Make sure to include positive testimonial and reviews from satisfied clients
  • Do not cram the page with too much information

7. Target Long Tail Keywords

Longtail keywords are search phrases that contain three or more words and are used by people looking for homes or services in a specific area. For example, “[your area]” condos for sale”, “licensed real estate agent in [your area]”, “3 bedder condos for sale in [your area]”, or “[your area] condos for sale $500,000”. You can even try including amenities that will appeal to your buyers, like “[your area] condo with pool”. Using specific keywords like this will ensure those clicking on your ads are highly qualified leads and home buyers who are more likely to buy from you. But remember to first start with a thorough keyword and market research to identify and target the keywords your buyers or investors will be using to come across your ads. 

8. Optimize Negative Keywords

With Google Ads, you also have the options to include negative keywords, which are words you don’t want your ad to be associated with. Just like geotargeting, negative keywords help make sure your ad falls on the eyes of buyers or investors at the right time and place. This maximizes your chances of generating leads and closing deals. For example, since you’re selling new condo launches, you don’t want your ad to show up for searches related to landed properties and penthouses. The same goes for cities or areas. If your new condo launch is located in Holland Village, make sure to include other areas, like ‘Yishun’ or ‘Jurong West’ as a negative keyword, so that the ad is only visible to people who are looking in your city. 

Employing Google Ads to market your property listing is one of the easiest ways to generate leads, nurture potential buyers and sellers, as well as close on more homes. Looking for google ads specialists to help you lead generation for real estate? Look no further than Sell More Condos (SMC)! With years of testing and perfecting varying digital solutions ranging from Google Ads to microsites and others, SMC has assisted more than 80 realtors across Singapore to earn a combined 2.5 million comm. If you’re interested in tapping into your property agency’s true potential to close deals and earn comms, then make sure to get in touch with our helpful staff right away!

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