Guide To Google Ads Optimisation
Google Ads (SEM)

A Singapore Realtor's Guide To Google Ads Optimization

Ready to learn how you can optimize your new condo launch ads for better lead gen results? Read on for our top tips!

We’d love to tell you that once you’re done setting up your property Google Ads, you can simply leave them to generate your leads. 

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. 

Things change rapidly online. This means there is always something new to deal with, from competitor actions, to buyer interests, market movements, and things that trend.

While your PPC ads might be effective right now, there is no guarantee they will continue to deliver tomorrow and the days after that. As such, ad optimization is a continuous process that plays a significant role in the success of your new launch campaigns. 

So, what exactly is ad optimization? 

It refers to the steps you take to improve the performance of your campaigns every 6 months or so. 

Oftentimes, this can seem a little taxing for realtors to take on in between managing their sales – which is why most prefer asking experts to handle their new launches

But if you’ve decided to take up this challenge, then we’re here to guide you on just how you can effectively optimize your ads to maximize your ad spend and reel in hot leads. 

Here’s our list of the top four things every realtor should do to keep their property ads optimized.

Let’s get started! 

1. Benefits of ad optimization

we’re kickstarting this article with the advantages of ad optimization to convince you why it’s necessary to tweak your ads every so often. It helps you; 

  • Generate more conversions 
  • Eventually boosts your ad Quality Score enough to reduce your ad spend
  • Target the right audience 
  • Get more clicks and hot leads from your ad
  • Ultimately maximize your ad potential and your profits

2. Expert hacks to optimize your ads and skyrocket conversions

2.1 Work on your ad copy

Your ad copies need to stay relevant and impactful to your target market because this is what will get you the leads you’re looking for. 

You must make the most of your ad copy's potential if you want to successfully use it to drive traffic to your landing pages. Here are some pointers for improving your copies; 

  • Write a catchy ad headline. Check on your header to make sure it has the right keywords and is attention grabbing enough. 
  • Create a clear CTA. Let prospects know what their next step should be – like, would they be calling or texting? If you change your mode of contact along the way, be sure to optimize your ad accordingly. 
  • Use your ad extensions. If you haven’t already been using this feature, you’re missing out on opportunities to increase your ad visibility. Read up on exactly what they can do for you and which extensions you should be capitalizing here.

2.2 Keyword optimization

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – keywords are the lifeblood of your ads. If you’re expecting your message to reach the people you set out to target, then keywords are the way to go! Here's how you can prime your ads for better performance;  

  • Use negative keywords. You don’t want your ad ranking for irrelevant searches and that’s exactly what negative keywords can help you avoid. 
  • Match keywords to what you’re offering. Continuously research keywords even after launching your ad. This will help you discover high-value keywords relevant to your services.
  • Bid more on the best keywords. Analyze your keyword's Clickthrough Rate (CTR) and conversion rates, then adjust your bids. Reduce bids for underperforming ones and raise them for high-performing keywords.

2.3 Improve your landing page

Once prospects click on your ad, they’ll be directed to your landing page. Keep these tips in mind the next time you optimize your landing pages so you don’t lose out on potential leads; 

  • Make your offer clear. As soon as visitors land on your page, they should immediately know what you’re offering. So, be sure to clearly highlight the name of the property, prices, floor plans, etc.
  • Keep your page design clean and simple. Remove anything that isn’t necessary or distracting. You don’t want them focusing on something that isn’t going to lead to a closed deal. 
  • Make sure your page loads quickly. People are impatient. They'll leave if your website takes too long to load. To keep your bounce rate low, minimize the amount of content you use and optimize your images.

2.4 Build on your audience targeting

There’s no point spending so much on marketing when you don’t target the right audience.

While you would have already put thought into narrowing down a group way before even setting up your ads, tweaking your ads will actually help you reach them. So, here’s what you can do; 

  • Demographic targeting. Depending on your campaign type, Google Ads allows you to target individuals within a particular age range, gender group, or even household income. Using these metrics can also mean saving on your marketing expenditures since you’re less likely to get clicks from uninterested parties. 
  • Device targeting. Depending on who you ask, almost three-quarters of home buyers or even more start looking for properties by making mobile searches. Since trends in mobile use suggest that this number is likely to continue increasing, take into account these elements and modify your device bids accordingly.
  • Time targeting. Keep an eye on when your target market is most active, then modify your bids in favour of this schedule.
  • Geographical targeting. This is probably one of the most important aspects to target in real estate since your campaigns are focused in specific districts. Set up the areas where your ad will appear and omit underperforming locations.

Enjoyed this article? Well, there’s many more where that came from – simply follow our LinkedIn or Facebook pages to receive regular updates as soon as we make an upload! 

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