Earn 7-Figures In Comms

Here's How We Helped Realtors Earn 7-Figures in Comms

Wondering how we helped our real estate agents earn 7-figures on their new launch condo campaigns? Read on and find out!

Our team has some of the brightest, tech-savvy individuals who have worked with Google Ads for over 14 years.

As such, when it comes to this powerful marketing tool, we’ve got plenty of nifty tricks up our sleeves that you can use for your very own campaigns. 

Without further ado, let’s get right into it!

1. Bid on an extensive number of keywords
2. Get budget & bidding strategies right
3. Craft attractive ad copies
4. Create informative & well-optimized landing pages
5. Leverage other social media platforms

1. Bid on an extensive number of keywords

For campaigns, we usually start off by bidding on lots of keywords.

When we say ‘lots’, we mean anywhere around 100 to 150 keywords for each campaign.

To give you a better perspective on these numbers, an average person probably comes up with 10 to 20 keywords for a campaign, whereas an average agency bids on about 20 to 30 keywords.

This little trick helps us test against all the possible keywords and their variations so that our clients won’t miss any potential leads from searches. 

Pro tip: If you’re brainstorming for more keyword ideas for your campaigns, try adding in locations, amenities, or nearby schools to create long-tail keywords. Examples of this include, “condo near ai tong”, “condo near choa chu kang mrt”, and “condo near ikea”. Be sure to also categorize your keywords to the right campaigns and their respective ad groups.

2. Get budget & bidding strategies right

As a beginner, settling on a good budget can be a little difficult. 

Would $30 a day suffice? Is $50 too much?

How much do people usually pump into their campaigns?

Well, it really depends. 

Some new launch condos might require a higher ad spend than others, some lower. We usually recommend our clients to set aside an estimated budget of $1k for each month. 

While this may seem expensive, you’re only spending about $30 a day. In fact, our clients are even willing to pay more when they see how their returns on investment are worth the expense. Regardless of this, make sure to always spend within your budget. 

After running your campaign for a few months, you’ll have a rough idea on just how much your competitors are spending. 

At this point, you might want to make some budget adjustments. If you’re the ambitious sort, you can try to increase your ad spend to outrank your competitors. This will help you land the top spots on every SERP. However, if you don’t have the budget to spare, simply maintain your current ad spend or pause your campaigns entirely once you’ve passed the official condominium launch date.

It’s also important to get your bidding strategies right or else you’ll only be throwing away your money blindly.

From maximizing clicks, to focusing on conversions, targeting impression shares, and more, there are tons of bidding strategies for you to choose from. So, make sure to do your research to find the right one that works for you and your campaign. 

3. Craft attractive ad copies

Unless you’ve been in the industry long enough, you’ll never know what terms will resonate with potential buyers, especially those on the market for new launch condominiums. So, here are a couple things we picked up along the way; 

  • Keywords like “official site”, “floor plans”, and “updated price list”, make you sound like the authoritative representative. This helps build credibility in the eyes of buyers. 
  • Long, informative descriptions work better at the start of an ad copy. Short and succinct information with unique selling points (USPs) are best suited for the end.
  • Don’t skimp on your call-to-actions (CTAs). Include them across your headlines and descriptions.

With good ad copy writing practices, you’ll be getting those impressions, clicks, and conversions in no time! 

4. Create informative & well-optimized landing pages

Landing pages require a lot of thought and effort.

The most painstaking step of building a landing page is to research and dig up as much information about the condominium as you can find. And no, simply regurgitating this information in your landing page won’t do either. 


Your competitors are most probably doing the same and Google does not like seeing duplicated content. As such, this will prevent your page from ranking properly

So, keep your content original. Go the extra mile to offer home buyers something more. From adding stunning images of the condo, to structuring your content with sentences that read well, make sure you stand out among the rest.

On top of that, remember to also optimize your page regularly. This will help you keep up with the latest updates or important keywords that may affect your landing page experience. 

We’ll admit, landing pages do take lots of time and effort to create, maintain, as well as optimize. But one thing is for sure - it will all be worth it when you see your leads rolling in. 

5. Leverage other social media platforms

Yes, this includes the common social platforms we’re all familiar with, like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube.

While each platform carries unique ad copy requirements and media formatting, the more platforms you’re on, the wider exposure you’re getting. 

It’s easier to do this now that Facebook has a cross-post option that allows you to publish your posts on both Facebook and Instagram simultaneously. In fact, you can even use these platforms to narrow down on the right target audience segments, like their age, gender, location, interests or preferences. 

Want to take it a step further? Then try retargeting your site visitors on other platforms  to convert them into buyers! 

And that’s all the tricks we’ve used to help realtors generate 7-figures in commissions! 

Ready to earn a 7-figure income of your own?

Get your campaign up and running today! Sell More Condos (SMC) has assisted more than 80 realtors in Singapore earn a combined 2.5 million in commission by testing and perfecting a variety of digital solutions over the years. Our range of specialities include Google Ads, microsites, and many other digital marketing techniques to bring you the leads you need for your new condo launches. What are you waiting for? Get in touch with our friendly staff today! 

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