Property Marketing With Microsites

Here's Why It’s Time You Embrace Microsites To Market Your Properties

They say best things come in small packages, and microsites are no different. Find out how these sites can help lead generation for your property agency here!

Sophiyanah David

June 6, 2022

If you haven’t already been using microsites for your new condo launches, you’re definitely missing out on some serious comms. It’s no secret that lead gen is the tougher aspect of selling homes. But, with the right microsite strategy and approach, it’s possible to beat back competitors and climb to the top rankings on search engines. And a higher visibility with your buyers simply means more hot leads to sell or lease your properties at a faster pace.

Keen to learn more? Keep reading as we cover just what microsites are, how they differ from web pages, and what they can do for your real estate business. Here’s a sneak peek of its benefits:

1. Search Benefits
2. Cost Efficient
3. More Focused Content
4. Helps Increase Awareness
5. Faster Development Time
6. Generates Targeted Leads

What are microsites?  

Let’s start with the basics.

Microsites are exactly what they sound like – a micro, or small web page instead of the full-fledged company websites you usually see. These sites typically range in size from anywhere between one to a couple pages with contents focusing on a specific goal or a campaign. While some microsites are hosted as subdomains of larger sites, a true microsite has its own address and structure. Depending on their purpose, they can be temporary or permanent, which makes microsites perfect for businesses looking to launch a quick campaign for lead generation.

Microsites vs landing page: What’s the difference?

If you’ve heard about landing pages, you’re probably confused on how microsites might be different – and the answer is that they both honestly don’t differ by much.

First, let’s cover their similarities. Both these sites are; 

  • Usually created to market a specific campaign.
  • Much smaller than your typical website.
  • Used for temporary purposes (This actually depends on you. Your landing page and microsite will exist as long as you want or need them to).

And their differences? Well, a landing page is a single page that is usually published on its parent website. A microsite, on the other hand, is a collection of pages that can be published as part of the parent site or separately.

How can microsites help your business?


1. Search Benefits

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important to get noticed. Let’s cover the basics of what that means – without proper optimization of your content to include targeted keywords, links, and third relevant party websites, you can’t expect to generate leads for your property listings. This is because your page’s ranking is determined by these factors. For instance, there’s nothing wrong with targeting multiple keywords. But doing this will also mean a slower crawl to the top ranks. Real estate microsites are ideal for reaching higher spots on search results because they have a clear purpose. This makes optimizing the content with suitable keywords easier. And with a higher result placement, you can expect more hot leads from interested buyers.

That’s not even what makes microsites so perfect for SEO. It’s the fact that each microsite has its own URL. This means, you can even include a keyword into your microsite’s URL, making it memorable for buyers, while also improving your site's search visibility. Just be sure to separate the keyword phrase words with dashes and capitalize the first letter of each word when creating your URL.

2. Cost Efficient

Websites often take quite a bit of time to design and can cost you up to thousands. Since property microsites have a lot less going on than websites, you can get them done at a more affordable price point compared to websites. But make no mistake – cheaper definitely doesn’t mean poor in quality. In fact, your real estate microsite can even help level the playing field with big league property websites. This means that smaller or newer brokerages can compete with the big boys just by providing enough innovative, consistent, and valuable content.  


3. More Focused Content

Don’t get us wrong, we love websites. But when a buyer comes to your page looking for something specific, it’s easy to get lost in everything that goes on in noisy, one-stop shops, like websites.  Instead of making offerings that aren’t relevant to the buyer’s price point, location, or other requirements, microsites offer more targeted content for your audience or campaign. For example, are you marketing a set of listings for first home buyers? Retirees who might be planning on downsizing their home? Buyers looking for new condo launches in an upcoming part of town? Then using a property microsite with detailed and engaging content relevant to the specific searches these buyers might make on Google, will produce quality leads with higher chances for a successful sale.

4. Helps Increase Awareness

Getting your real estate agency’s name out there is crucial to closing more deals. Why? The answer is simple; nobody wants to risk leaving their home or buying experience in the hands of strangers to the field. Realtors understand more than most the impact making good impressions, spreading word-of-mouth, and staying in touch can do for sales. It doesn’t matter if you’ve already been in the industry for several years. If your company isn’t known enough to build recognition and trust among home buyers, it will be harder to get property leads. The advantage of having a real estate microsite is that it can take the task of familiarizing your company and service off the hands of your agents. As a page that is always up on the Internet, your microsite acts as a 24/7 promoter to help build confidence in your properties and what you're selling. This way, buyers will be able to better recall, understand, and grow more open to engaging your services when planning on buying a home.

Besides creating a microsite, there are many other ways to boost your real estate brand awareness among buyers, sellers, and investors to get more leads. Make sure you have this covered end-to-end for an airtight marketing strategy. This way, you won’t have to worry about leads again, only closing your deals! 

5. Faster Development Time

Microsites offer you the double advantage of a quicker launch as well as faster growth speed. Since microsites are much smaller projects with fewer page numbers compared to a full-blown website, it is definitely a lot faster to create and launch. This means within the period where a website would be learning how to walk, your microsites would be up and running. Ever heard of the term ‘the early bird catches the worm’? So, the sooner you put up your property listings, the sooner you can start generating leads for them.  And once your campaign is over, you can quickly take them down before moving to earning your comms in the next project via another microsite.


6. Generates Targeted Leads

Gaining hot, new leads is the heart of every business’s marketing objective – and property microsites can help you do just that. These sites' straightforward approach and simple design make them incredibly effective at engaging a potential buyer you might not have reached otherwise. And once a buyer has left their information behind or signed up for an email subscription list, all your agents need to do is tap into their buying intent to make a sale and earn comms.

In short, property microsites are perfect for you when you;

  • Are looking to target a very specific audience.
  • Want to promote a brief marketing campaign. 
  • Don’t want to spend too much.
  • Are launching new properties.
  • Want to drive more sales and draw more like-minded people to your brand.
  • Basically want to make more comms!

The value of property microsites for brokerages are often underestimated. These sites are fantastic business tools for a variety of reasons – not just one. Using them to wisely market your listings can easily serve to add prospects down your sales funnel. Interested in microsite experts to help lead generation for real estate? Look no further than Sell More Condos (SMC)! Thanks to our years of experience in lead management solutions tailored to each new launch condo project, we have successfully helped a growing number of realtors across Singapore earn more than 2.5 million in commissions. We also take pride in providing outstanding digital marketing services, such as Google ads, microsites, and more, to assist brokerage businesses in growing and enhancing their online visibility. Don't just take our word for it; see for yourself.  Get in touch with our friendly staff to find out how we can assist you right away!

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