Our First Google Ads Masterclass
Google Ads (SEM)

How It Went: Our First In-Person Google Ads Masterclass

This step-by-step course will help you succeed with Google Ads campaigns as a realtor in Singapore. Read on more to find out!

We are excited to announce that SMC had its very first post-pandemic, in-person Google Ads Masterclass! 

It was an engaging, lively and memorable session for both our instructor and participants alike, and we’re glad everyone had a good time.

Curious to know more about our masterclass? Here’s how it went!

1. Our Objective
2. Google Ads Setup
3. Metrics, Fine Tuning & Bidding Strategies
4. Feedback & Thoughts
5. Join Us At Our Next Masterclass

1. Our Objective

Titled “Win with Google Ads”, SMC’s masterclass is a complete step-by-step guide for realtors to set up a winning property Google Ads campaign from scratch.

The class was conducted by SMC’s founder and masterclass instructor, Karthik Rames, who has 14 years of experience in the digital marketing field across 10 different industries. He is also a certified NLP master practitioner who is professionally trained to unlock your potential in Google Ads.

The class covers everything you need to know about Google Ads as a property agent, so that you can gain online visibility while marketing for new condominium launches in Singapore.

Ultimately, the end goal is to display your ad when users search for the projects you’re marketing. This will effectively help you get leads and close sales.

No prior knowledge is required - in fact, all you need is a laptop with Internet access!

Google Ads is one of the most powerful online advertising platforms out there. It helps you to reach a very specific target audience that is more likely to convert and increase your sales.

While Google Ads can be a tough nut to crack at first, things get a lot easier once you break that first wall.

As such, here’s what realtors learnt during the hands on session;

1) Ad campaign structuring
2) Campaign creation
3) Best bidding strategies
4) Keyword match types differences
5) Keyword generation
6) Writing performant ad copies

During the setting up process, realtors were taught the best ways to generate the right keywords to target interested buyers and how to go about writing persuasive ad copies for a successful campaign. 

But that’s not all!

We also talked about the right bidding strategies and how agents can strategize to switch up their game over the course of 3 months. To help realtors learn how to best generate lists of keywords, Karthik even conducted a short practice, along with useful methods to help double those numbers. 

Similarly, our instructor also covered the right ad copy writing techniques to help realtors quickly form the responsive search ads needed for each campaign. 

3. Metrics, Fine Tuning & Bidding Strategies

Next, we moved on to the different metrics that Google uses to determine your Quality Scores. This will help effectively reduce the cost-per-click (CPC) for your keywords. As such, knowing how to improve your Quality Scores is one of the key learning points of the masterclass.

We also shared some fine-tuning strategies that agents can leverage on - these include monitoring your key metrics, using ad extensions, scheduling your ads for optimal windows, carrying out campaign optimization, and using recommended bidding strategies.

Overall, it was an informative session for our participants with many takeaways and key learning points that they could reapply and use for their future campaigns.   

4. Feedback & Thoughts

Unlike other digital marketing courses, SMC’s masterclass is specifically designed for local realtors - so it offers many tips and tricks that you would not find in other digital marketing courses.

The majority of agents agreed that it was an inspiring and fruitful session. A few realtors even expressed that picking up Google Ads wasn't as difficult as they thought!

A realtor commented, “If not for the class, I didn't know when I would have started Google Ads at all.” Another added that “Karthik was professional and engaging in his delivery - the team was very helpful in answering our questions and guiding us as well, it was money well spent.”

5. Join Us At Our Next Masterclass

Want to learn how to set up your very own Google Ads the right way too? Join our next masterclass on the 17th of January at Bishan CPF Building, Level 5. For more details, click here to sign up for our masterclass today! 

If you’re interested in other offerings, feel free to browse through our SMC e-shop here for our other masterclasses and packages.

Remember to bring your laptops to class and see you in our next masterclass soon!

Note: Tablets are not advisable as you may not be able to edit your Google Ads campaigns or ad groups if any mistakes are made.

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