Improving Your Property Microsite's User Experience

How To Improve Your Property Microsite's User Experience To Lead Gen

How do you ensure your site is functional, contemporary & relevant to potential buyers? Discover how you can give users a seamless, fluid experience here!

Putting your real estate business online is arguably the best decision you can make. 

But creating a strong digital presence that brings in traffic isn’t simply limited to building a property microsite alone. 

The key to dominating your online market is to regularly optimize your page for enhanced user experience. This can then help you convert page visitors into prospects –  and eventually, buyers. 

So, what can you do to offer an easy, efficient, and fast user experience? 

Let’s find out!

1. What is user experience?

Simply put, user experience (UX) is the general impression a visitor has when interacting with your real estate microsite. 

Sounds pretty average, right? Then what makes it so important?  

Well, UX tries to fulfill your user’s needs. Did they find it easy to search what they were looking for? Is the flow of the page good? Was the entire experience pleasing? If you ticked all the above boxes, then your visitor is more likely to carry on using your page instead of clicking out to choose your competitor. 

Positive UX can even keep clients loyal to your brand and returning for future services. 

But that’s not all – when users spend more than 30 seconds on your page, this tells Google your site and the information in it matches their search queries. This means the search engine is more likely to offer your microsite again whenever a potential buyer looks up anything property related in Singapore. 

2. 5 UX optimization strategies to ramp up your real estate microsite

It’s worth noting that you don’t need to have complex, state-of-the-art microsites for good UX. In fact, a clean and tidy homepage, among other things, are all you need to leave behind a favourable impression on users. 

As such, improving your user experience is not as tough as it may seem. In fact, even small efforts can turn into huge advantages. 

So, here are 5 simple ways you can improve your UX!

2.1 Boost your loading speed

People don't like to wait for information. 

They want to access your site and immediately find what they’re looking for. If your property microsite is too slow, chances are, visitors will leave to find another one that is quicker. 

What’s more, with load speed as Google’s ranking factor, your real estate site won't get much traffic if it's slow. In other words, improving your site speed will help increase conversion rates and user retention.

Easy ways to speed up your microsite include; 

  • Choosing a better hosting solution 
  • Reducing the number of page redirects
  • Compressing and optimizing the images on your site

2.2 Use your images wisely

A single image can convey more to potential buyers than chunks of texts. 

Since our brains process pictures more quickly than words, they deliver your message instantly to buyers, providing a deeper, more immersive experience. 

But as we mentioned previously, flooding your page with too many photographs – especially ones with large files, can drastically slow down your microsite’s load speed. You want to keep your image files small while also avoiding an amateurish-looking website. 

So, how do you optimize your photos without destroying their quality? 

Make sure you cap your file size at 200 KB. You don't need to resize your images if they're wider than 2500px. Photos less than 1500px wide may appear blurry.

Pro tip: When you’re marketing a new condo launch, the property images you receive are exactly what others get from the developers. If you use the same set of photographs as your competitors, there’s not much that sets you apart from them. Try visiting the site to take original pictures of the condo. This will help leave your visitors with positive impressions. 

2.3 Embrace the use of white space

The White Space Rule is a design principle that makes sure pages have an adequate amount of blank or clean spaces in between texts, pictures, and designs. 

This makes it easier for potential buyers to scan your offers and focus on them without getting distracted. Having less information and fewer elements on the page can help bring clarity and the draw attention of potential buyers to the information and elements that are on the page. 

Here are a list of ways this principle can help you design a real estate microsite that is capable of creating a lasting impression; 

2.4 Ensure your site has clear and concise navigation

User experience applies to more than just your microsite’s appearance and load time – it also includes site navigation. 

Your average property microsite normally features menus, or drop downs, that guide users through its various pages. They appear horizontally at the top of your home page and are necessary for easy navigation. 

Users are more likely to have a favourable opinion on your property microsite and agency as a whole if they don't run into any difficulties while looking for information. Those who effortlessly find these properties or services are then more likely to get in touch with your team.  

So, make sure to keep these tips in mind for smooth user navigation; 

  • Put your menus in familiar locations
  • Design clear and distinct menu links 
  • Use labels with simple language

2.5 Avoid page not found errors (404s)

This one sounds like a no-brainer, right? 

But you’ll be surprised at the number of property microsites we come across that don’t bother fixing their bugs, errors, and broken links. 

When a visitor clicks on your image or link, they expect to be redirected to the next place. Anything short of this can disrupt your user’s journey as they explore your services and properties. 

Oftentimes, a situation like this only ends with your prospect leaving. 

Run quality checks on your website and monitor user feedback to weed out these errors as well as issues in time to optimize your website.

And that’s all for our top UX tips! Discover how digital marketing can help you reach your maximum potential (and comms!) by keeping up with us on LinkedIn or Facebook

Whether you’re planning on revamping your existing property microsite or building one from scratch, we’re here to help! At SellMoreCondos (SMC), our digital marketing specialists have years of experience in producing quality real estate solutions. From user-friendly property microsites, to Google Ads, landing pages, and more, we help you reach your highest potential at affordable costs. Keen to learn more? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team!

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