Key Tips For A Successful New Launch Campaign

Key Tips For A Successful New Launch Campaign

How do you make sure your new launch campaign is successful? Well, read on as we cover some sure-fire tips to set you up for success!

We have been in the real estate marketing business for some time. 

This means we’ve seen our fair share of property campaigns succeed and fail along the way. As such, we thought of putting together a list of tips to help out realtors who are both old and new to the game. You might be familiar with some of these tips, but they’re marketing strategies worth noting and mentioning once again because of how effective they really are. 

So, let’s dive right into it! 

1. Create a sphere of influence
2. Leave a digital footprint
3. Establish a consistent presence in your local newspaper
4. Use professional and eye-catching images

1. Create a sphere of influence

The real estate industry is a fast-paced market. If you can’t keep up with its speed, you’ll probably end up striking out and instead, watching a competitor close a deal in your place. 

This means with every campaign you take up or property listing that comes your way, it’s important to have a secure network you can fall back on when developing contact and lead generation. 

Start off with the people you know, like family members, friends, neighbours, colleagues, business associates, classmates, and social connections. Once you’re done here, you can move on to those outside your personal circle. 

Remember – anyone you come across could be a potential lead or somebody who brings you a prospect buyer. But don’t simply throw them your business card without any prelude, be sure to properly introduce yourself and make light conversation before moving on to this step. 

Once you have their contact, it’s crucial that you regularly check in and keep in touch with them. This way, when they plan to buy a new home or know of somebody who is in the market, you could have yourself a new client! 

Pro tip: If you’re looking for leads among the affluent, you can even try making contact with property investors as well as family offices and advisory companies that work with high-net-worth clients. 

2. Leave a digital footprint

Online presence is very important for every business – and real estate is no exception. 

A decade or so ago, we used to make first impressions face-to-face, but with Google being the first choice for leads when they’re looking up companies or services, it’s vital that you create an online presence as well. 

This way you can stay in their line of sight whenever they need you.

But this doesn’t mean you should spend a hefty amount on developing sleek, state-of-the-art websites. You can always kick-start your virtual presence with microsites, which is a more affordable and customer-centric option between the two. 

If you already have an existing website or microsite, make sure to perform regular evaluations on them. Here are a couple things to look out for when optimizing your homepage; 

  • Have you updated your site's design lately, or are you merely adding new listings?
  • Are your copies and images optimized? 
  • Is your page mobile-optimized? 

Pro tip: You can even create digital ads that will get you more inquiries and showings using social media. Simply start by creating a Facebook as well as Instagram page for your business, and take it from there!

3. Establish a consistent presence in your local newspaper

At the risk of sounding old-school, newspaper ads for real estate still have great value – if you know how to use them. 

Invest money to regularly place a listing on a full-colour, full-page, or double-page ad, so it stands out to people when they leaf through the paper. Maintaining this regular presence with your company name and properties prominently displayed will not only encourage buyers to check out the listings, but will also bolster your credibility and reputation in the eyes of buyers. 

Pro tip: Newspaper advertisements can be a little pricey, so be sure to consider the paper’s popularity before you start spending. 

4. Use professional and eye-catching images

Ever heard of the old adage that says, “A picture paints a thousand words”? Well, in real estate it’s, “Professional and attractive images sell homes”. 

It's tempting to think a few quick photos taken with your iPhone camera will do the trick. But while you’re saving a couple hundred dollars on hiring an expert, you’re losing thousands of comms when potential leads skip your blurry and poorly edited photos. 

You see, property photography is no longer a one-snap-and-done deal. Instead, with the advancements in technology, more realtors are going as far as to employ a variety of strategies and techniques to capture ideal images, so their photos stand out from the crowd of competitors. This includes going the extra mile to adjust lighting, colour tones, using photoshop, as well as cutting-edge concepts like drones for aerial shots.

It will do you well to keep in mind that this is your one shot at making people go ‘wow’ when they see your property, so make it count.  

Pro tip: It’s easy to fall into the trap thinking only higher-priced listings deserve better marketing and professional real estate photography. But you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can close most of your deals with attractive images, regardless of the price you’re selling at! 

Interested in more tips to help you build a successful new launch campaign for your properties? Head on over to our LinkedIn or Facebook page for regular property lead generation content! 

On the other hand, are you looking for real estate lead generation specialists to manage your new launch campaign? Then you’re in the right place! SellMoreCondos (SMC) have helped our clients earn a collective commission of more than 2.5 million dollars by offering a range of digital solutions – from property microsites, to landing pages, and even real estate Google Ads. As such, we have extensive experience with various property campaigns and are more than equipped to handle yours!  But if you still need more convincing, feel free to check out our case studies before  you get in touch with our friendly team today!

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