Real Estate Landing Pages For Lead Generation

Landing Pages: The Key To Real Estate Lead Generation

A powerful tool for property lead gen, landing pages helps you capture targeted traffic to drive more sales. Interested to find out more? Read on!

By now, you already know what the real estate game is about. High failure rates are typical, and you are not guaranteed success, even among experienced agents. 

So, we have to ask ourselves, what makes an agent successful? While the answer is complex, one major component is marketing. In the past few years, you would have noticed the trend of more and more agents moving their marketing online – especially when it comes to the competitive field of new launches. 

If you’re new to the game, it doesn’t matter if you choose to do this via social or Google Ads, one of the keys that makes a huge difference to your marketing, is to have an appropriate landing page to accompany your ads.

Landing pages are a vital part of many new launch marketing campaigns. However, few agents use them and instead choose to only rely on the ‘send a message’ button on their Facebook and Instagram ads. 

Wait, is that bad? Well, not really. 

However, we have already explained that when people find you via social ads with limited info, they’re less likely to convert. 

But this is where landing pages come in handy.


1. What is a landing page?

A landing page is a standalone web page – often entirely separate from your actual website, that’s purpose-built to capture the details of interested prospects. These are special pages built for one reason and one reason only – to convert your ad and organic traffic into leads.

Your target customers will see your ads, read your posts, and when you compel them, click on the link to find out more. So, where do they land when they click on the link? 

Why the landing page, of course. And hence its name – landing page. 

Upon arrival, the goal is to wow them with the right mix of marketing speak and project details so that they want to visit the showroom. That’s why every landing page has compelling call to action sections, and WhatsApp, or a ‘Call Now’ buttons to ensure prospects take action fast. 

But remember, you can’t use the same landing page for multiple new launches, and one launch should have its own landing page. This way, your landing pages are all personalized, project-optimized, and 100% relevant. 

Google will love you, and conversions will follow!

2. Landing pages vs web pages – What’s the difference?

The key word here is “focus”.

Any landing page you create has a single focus: to convert leads. For web pages, the focus is on exploration and discovery.

Remember, a landing page is set up with a specific campaign or offer in mind. In other words, it’s oriented around a very particular project with the express interest of getting in contact with a prospect.

Web pages provide more options. Heck, there’s an entire navigation bar at the top that invites visitors to go wherever they like on the site!

In essence, web pages (especially homepages) are like having a smaller version of PropertyGuru. They can showcase many things. But eventually, each project needs a focused and dedicated landing page to help drive conversion. 

This is why we often get worried when our clients say they’re spending money on running ads, only to send visitors to their homepage. Because when you choose to do this, you’re assuming visitors know what move to make next when they reach your homepage.

But as an agent, you’re probably aware that this isn’t always the case – in fact, customers need to be guided to take these necessary measures. And in your absence, that’s exactly what the step-by-step sequence on landing pages can do to help encourage prospects to learn more about your project and leave behind their contact info. 

Landing pages are the masters of selling one thing at a time. Its laser-focused goal is to entice people enough to get you a lead. And while choosing to connect your homepage to your property ads may help you save a few coins; it can also cost you leads down the road.  

3. Why are landing pages important?

We hope that’s given you a better understanding of what landing pages are and how they differ from standard web pages. Now we want to discuss why they matter! Here are the main incentives to start leveraging landing pages: 


3.1 Generates leads

Think of the last time you went to PropertyGuru to look at flats. 

Did you spend a lot of time filtering and scrolling through their pages, only to eventually give up? 

That scenario is similar to what happens when you direct web users to anything other than a landing page. 

They get lost in the mass of links, pages, and information! With so many distractions, they may forget what they came for, end up in the wrong place, and, ultimately, leave empty-handed.

The opposite happens with a well-optimized landing page.

Your headline grabs their attention and quickly tells them they are right where they need to be. The contents highlight the project, as do your images. Then, your call and WhatsApp buttons move in to convert.

It’s like navigating to the exact house you want to see on PropertyGuru, 100% of the time. Now that makes a world of difference – not to mention a time-saver as well! 


3.2 Collects prospect demographics

The benefits of landing pages don’t start and end with lead gen, though; they’re also a killer way to learn more about your target audience.

You can do this with the help of lead capture forms on your landing pages. 

Here’s a tip – make sure to keep these forms as concise as possible (the easier it is to sign up for something, the more likely people are to do it). You can ask more questions like, are they a first-time buyer? What size of property are they interested in? How many bedrooms are they looking for?

Such information will help you close better when the prospect turns up at your show flat – powerful insight, right?

The result? You will waste less time and close more deals, and earn more comms. Isn’t that the dream of all the agents out there?

3.3 Identifies which prospects are more engaged

A lesson every salesperson learns early in their career is that not all leads are made equal. Simply put, some are more engaged (and ready to convert) than others!

Here lies another benefit of landing pages:

They don’t just help you generate new leads; they make it possible to see which of your current leads convert again. In other words, you can track who comes back for more, which is a clear sign of engagement. Those qualified leads will make your life much easier!


3.4 Allows you to track data

You can track more than just re-engagement on your landing pages, though. 

In fact, these pages can help open the door to all sorts of other important metrics that shed light on the overall success of your campaigns. 

That means no more shooting in the dark! Because while taking a leap of faith is a viable approach, true magic happens only when you have data to draw upon.

This way, you can see exactly what your clients like and (even better) what they don’t. Then, you can take those insights into better tuning your ads and landing pages to increase conversions. Over time, you’ll end up with a well-oiled lead-generating machine – which is exactly what we’ve done in the past 2.5 years! 

3.5 Increases brand presence   make good first impressions

Think about the last time you clicked a link and ended up on a sleek, engaging, relevant, and well-designed landing page. What were your impressions of the company in question?

We’d bet good money you held them in higher regard afterwards (consciously or unconsciously!). That’s another key benefit of having strong landing pages; they instantly impress visitors to show them what you can bring to the table, which makes them fall in love with your project a little faster. 

On that topic, it’s also worth noting that landing pages can rank higher than standard websites on Google. After all, as independent web pages, they load faster – which is excellent for SEO! Even if visitors don’t intend to buy the condo you’re offering, those attractive pages will leave a lasting impression that may even compel them to return later! 


3.6 Retargets visitors who leave

Have you ever clicked on an ad, ended up on a landing page, only to leave and see the same ad everywhere you go? That’s exactly what landing pages can do for you with the help of Facebook pixel and Google Tag. 

It’s not always often you see a user converting during their first visit to a property landing page. And that’s what makes this feature so special. It helps you retarget your buyers, giving you more than one shot at making a good impression. 

That is exactly what you want to do to your potential prospects – you want to always remind them of the new launch, keep it at the top of their minds, and eventually turn warm leads hot. 

As you can tell, there’s no shortage of incentives to start building high-quality landing pages for your new launch campaigns. So, isn’t it about time you jump aboard the landing page bandwagon to start reaping its lead generating rewards? We hope the insights in this article have demonstrated why you shouldn’t wait a day longer!  

Looking for ways to generate more property leads for your new condo launches with your very own real estate landing page? Well, look no further than SellMoreCondos (SMC)! Over the years, we have guided over 80 property marketing agencies across Singapore to boost their lead figures and along with that, earn $30,000 to $180,000 more comms. But that’s not all that we do – our talented creative team can also help craft for you attractive property microsites and google ads, all wrapped up in a range of affordable packages. Sounds too good to be true? Take a look at our work for yourself and be sure to get in touch with our friendly team for more information!  

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