New Launch Marketing Efforts

When Do I Start Or Stop New Launch Marketing Efforts? (+Tips!)

Not sure when you should start or stop advertising for your new launch condo listings? Read on for answers and tips on creating a successful campaign!

Sophiyanah David

August 4, 2022

Let’s talk marketing, shall we? 

How do you know when to start advertising for your new launches? Better yet, when do you put a stop to it? The last thing you want to do is waste your money on either a launch that wasn’t worth it in the first place or one where you were supposed to stop advertising months back. 

If you’re looking for answers to these questions as well as tips for creating quality lead generating campaigns, then you’re in the right place! 

Let’s dive right in!  

1. How do you know if a property is worth a marketing campaign?

Before we get into the more pressing questions, let’s first cover what makes a campaign worth taking up; 

  • Generally, new launch condos are more worth it compared to existing condos. If you’re planning on launching a campaign for an existing condo, you might not be as successful in closing a deal. Because think about it – there’s a reason why those units did not sell immediately after they were launched in the first place, and with passing time, the novelty of the property would have already been lost. It would be harder to make buyers interested in the condo once again.
    Pro tip: If you’re still looking to market an existing condo, try running Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and even LinkedIn ads rather than Google ads. You would get better results out of those platforms. 
  • Buyers prefer purchasing properties from well-known developers because there is an established sense of trust that the end product is going to be good. So, make sure your developer is at least recognized in the field. 
  • It’s better to invest your time in a property with more than one size to it. This is because you’ll be able to cover a wide target market range if the new launch condo has everything from a 1-bedder, to a 2-bedder and even 3-bedder. With more people interested, you’ll be able to close deals quicker. 
  • Make sure the size of development is large. Condos with impressive amenities are even better! 
  • It’s also a good sign if the condo has lots of units. Besides making your marketing efforts more worthwhile, condos with higher unit numbers are usually more popular among buyers since they’re accessible. 

2. When should you start marketing?

Property campaigns require proper planning and lots of effort since that’s the only way for you to capture the attention of your targets and earn comms. This means you’ll need to start advertising at least 6 month beforehand. This includes; 

  • Releasing teaser video or pictures on social media to whet the appetite of buyers. 
  • Preparing the list of clients who will be interested in the condos and sending out email newsletters regarding the new launch.
    Pro tip: Be sure to send out these emails regularly to ensure your prospects stay up to date with the timeline of the launch. Don’t be afraid to even include construction photos – any progress made by developers are worth noting and can even help drive excitement for the oncoming launch.
  • Creating as well as scheduling your social media content calendar.
    Pro tip: Once you have launched, you will want to give your leads undivided attention for the best chance at making the sale. But you can’t do that if you’re also juggling your social media platforms posts at the same time. So, be sure to keep everything prepped and ready by the launch date!
  • Invest in SEO efforts so that your real estate marketing agency’s website or microsite pops up in Google’s search engine results when an interested buyer looks up the new launch.
    Pro tip: You can also include pricing information and pictures of the home’s interior. 

3. When should you stop?

It depends, really. 

There’s no definite answer to this question because you’ll actually need to see what’s going on the ground to sense if people are still interested in the property. This means things vary from launch to launch. You especially don’t want to stop marketing when hot leads are still rolling in (even though it’s a little slowed down). 

So, if you still have people interacting with your ads or enquiring about the property, then keep going. If it’s been weeks at end without you booking a house viewing, don’t waste your money – stop all marketing efforts.   

4. Clever new launch marketing techniques for realtors

If you’re interested in trying something new to attract the attention of buyers for your new launches, take note of these methods; 

4.1 Design infographics

Sometimes it’s a little hard for buyers to see the bigger picture of what you’re offering. So, make it easier on them by literally putting things into perspective with attractive as well as informative infographics. Here are a couple ways you can do this; 

  • If the area of your condo is relatively new, try creating graphs or charts showing the population increase in the town and growing job opportunities.  
  • Design a map highlighting places nearby the property with good food, public transportations, parks, schools, entertainment, and grocery stores.

4.2 Provide a complimentary moving truck

People are always going to be interested in deals where they get to save money – especially when they’re already spending hundreds of thousands to buy a home. Throwing in a free moving service could be the deciding factor if your buyer is stuck between choosing your condo or another property. 

Pro tip: Complimentary services don’t just sweeten a deal, they also help keep your services memorable. 

4.3 Create a lead generating microsite for your campaign

Instead of forking out lots of money on a website, microsites are the cheaper alternative. They give you the digital presence you need to set yourself apart from competitors. 

Let’s put it this way, if a buyer learns about your campaign or service via a referral, don’t you think they’re more likely to first research the information online before contacting you? With proper search engine optimization (SEO) and good online presence, you will definitely be able to build credibility among prospects. 

You can make your microsite even more attractive by including a(n); 

  • Home buyer's checklist.
  • Mortgage calculator.
  • Guide to Singapore’s loan programmes.
  • Access to your listings.
  • Additional helpful resources like FAQs, virtual tours, and community resources.

Interested in creating google ads or microsites for your new condo launches? Your local experts are here to help you! Powered by our very own lead generation system, SellMoreCondos (SMC) has assisted more than 80 property marketing agencies in Singapore generate thousands of property leads, and along with that, more than 2.5 million comms. Our skilled designers and content creators also have years of experience in creating attractive ads, web pages, and landing pages to present your services in the best light. Get in touch with us today to draw all the attention (and leads) you need to close a deal. 

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