Guide To Lead Generating With Google Ads
Google Ads (SEM)

Your Step-By-Step Guide To Creating Lead Generating Google Ads

Interested in DIY-ing your Google ads campaign, but feeling a little confused? Keep reading this step-by-step walkthrough for effective property lead gen!

We’re not joking when we tell our clients that Google ads are one of their best bets at getting hot leads to quickly close home deals. When done right, this marketing tool can be your very own cheat sheet to beat fellow competitors at the same game. It doesn’t change the rules for you, but makes sure you’re maximizing your resources to appear as the best player around so homebuyers or sellers choose you. 

So, if you have already planned on setting up a Google ads campaign to market your new launches (which is probably why you’re here) – then congratulations! You are one step closer to making more sales and comms. 

In this article, we walk you through the process of creating your very own real estate google ads from scratch. 

Let’s begin! 

Step 1: Create an account
Step 2: Select your businesss name
Step 3: Choose your keyword
Step 4: Pick your target location
Step 5: Create persuasive, attractive ad copies
Step 6: Set up your biling

Step 1: Create an account

You want to start with first creating your Google ads account. Head on over to and click on a blue button that says “Get started”. You can find this button in the middle of the page or at the top right-hand corner. 

Once you have done that, Google will direct you to a page where you will either need to sign in with an existing Google Account, or create a new one – this choice is yours, but make sure to properly keep track of the account you’re using. You don’t want to get confused. 

When you’re signed in, you will reach a screen asking, “What is your main advertising goal?”. Here, you will be offered 3 ‘goals’ to choose from. We recommend selecting “Get more calls”. 

By choosing a goal, you're telling Google what kind of audience you want to target as well as how you plan to pay for clicks. Then, click “Next. 

Pro tip: Having clear, specific business goals will lead to successful real estate Google Ads campaigns. Otherwise, you’ll just be wasting your time, effort, and money. 

Step 2: Select your business name

In the following page, you will need to type in your property marketing agency’s name. Then, click “Next” once more.  You will now find yourself in a page that requires your business website’s URL. This is the page Google tracks to monitor if your goals and leads are reached. 

This URL will also be where prospective buyers will be directed to after clicking on your ad. So, if you have a landing page for the new launch condo campaign you’re planning to run, we recommend using that URL instead of your main website. 


Step 3: Choose your keyword

In the next page, you get to choose your keywords. These are basically the words you want your property ad to be associated with. 

Don’t take this step lightly. It’s one of the most important aspects of your Google ad campaign. 

If you’re confused which keywords your property ad should be targeting, use Google’s Keyword Planner tool – it’s free and also helps you estimate the cost that comes with targeting these words. But that’s not all, you can even quickly and easily group your keywords into ad groups with this planner! 

When you’re satisfied with the keywords you have, click on “Next” again.

Pro tip: Remember, solid keywords can make or break a campaign. So, be sure to pick keyword themes that match your advertisement and brand well.

Step 4: Pick your target location

If you haven’t decided the area where you’re marketing your campaign, now would be a good time to get to it. This step is important because it decides where your ads appear in Singapore. 

Do you want to advertise near a specific address – like where your new launches are located, or what about where your other listings are? Pick this option if you only want to attract the attention of buyers or sellers in a limited area. 

Otherwise, if you’re planning on stretching your ad reach, include larger areas, cities, or zip codes. Once you have chosen your targeting region, click “Next”. 

Pro tip: While you’re at it, also make sure to narrow down on your target group . Are you selling to first time buyers? Move-up buyers? Or luxury home buyers? How about investors? Once you've identified who your target market is, attracting their attention will be easier. Start by asking yourself, "What type of customer am I looking to attract?". 


Step 5: Create persuasive, attractive ad copies

Now, you’ll want to actually craft your property ad. 

You'll be able to write the ad's headline and description in this section. Google lets you display up to three headlines with every ad – be sure to use all three if you want to get the most out of your ad (and money spent). Each headline only allows you to use 30 characters. Yeah, that isn’t much to work with, so this is where you will need to get creative and keep things short.

Don’t worry though, you’ll have more space to properly advertise your property’s amenities under your description sections. This is where you can add up to two descriptions of 90 characters each. 

Preview boxes on your right will make it easier for you to see how your ad would look like on mobile, desktop, and display.

Pro tip: Be sure to take full advantage of your Google ads extensions! They give you room to make your ads seem eye-catching and clickable, without costing you more money. In fact, according to Google, ad extensions can increase your real estate campaign’s click-through rate by 10-25%.

Step 6: Set up your billing

This part is pretty simple. All you will need to do is to include your billing information as well as any discount coupons you may have.

Then, click “Submit”. 

And there you have it! Your very own property Google ads campaign all launched and ready to lead gen! 

If you find this process a little too complicated, then feel free to contact your local Google ads experts to give you a hand. With years of experience in setting up quality google ads for new condo launches and property listings in Singapore, SellMoreCondos (SMC) is more than equipped to handle any property campaign you launch! We have also created many well-designed microsites and landing pages to help our clients earn more than 2.5 million in comms. Get in touch with us today to see a difference in your property lead generation!  

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