Google Ads Masterclass for realtors

Master the exact system that over 80 realtors use to earn over 2.5 million in comms

We walk you through a step by step guide and help you create your own winning new launch campaigns during this one day course.

3 July 2023 @ Huttons

Time: 9am - 6pm

Refreshments and 2x tea breaks will be provided.

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About the class

Here is everything you need to know about the masterclass

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What does this class cover?

What is the methodology covered in this class?

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About us & our method

Here is everything you need to know about the trainer, the company and the method

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What is SMC?

How effective is the methodology that is being taught in this masterclass?

Who is the lead trainer for this masterclass?

Do you results can I expect?

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Case Studies

The results speak for themselves

One Pearl Bank
One Pearl Bank

How we helped our realtor clients earn 67% more revenue in 4 months

One Pearl bank was a great campaign for our clients. There were a good amount of leads over a decent period of time with a good number of closings. This was for a pool of agents running the same project.

Total Ads Spend
Total Comms Earned
Pasir Ris 8
Pasir Ris 8

80 leads in one campaign - our best lead generation campaign by far

A record-breaking campaign. A low budget campaign but it performed better than expected. Revealed some of the most important factors for campaign success, which we check for even today.

Total Ads Spend
Total Comms Earned
Avenue South Residences
Avenue South Residences

Our agent nets $75,000 in comm earnings in our latest project

Our Avenue South Residence campaign was long and slow, but the agent managed to make back close to 10x the ad spend.

Total Ads Spend
Total Comms Earned
Mayfair Gardens
Mayfair Gardens

Good leads on a modest budget = Good chance of success.

Relatively cheap and hot leads always make for a great marketing campaign. This Mayfair Gardens campaign is great evidence of this.

Total Ads Spend
Total Comms Earned
New Launch projects
Different Realtors
Leads Generated
Commissions Earned
Why bother to attend this class?

Chances are you already know Google Ads are vital.

You've also found out (or heard) they are incredibly tricky to get right. And you are right.

Google Ads can be expensive and are more technical so mistakes can prove costly and the fixes are not always obvious. But ask any agent who does Google and other Social Media ads and they will say that Google leads tend to close better? Why?

Intent. Google leads are people who are searching for solutions, instead of fair-weather shoppers or scrolling Gen Zzzzs.

In short, it's this: If you want to set your Google Ads up right, save a ton of money and avoid all the common mistakes, this is the class to be in.

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learn Our Process

A simple, yet powerful and  efficient process

Over 3 years, we've got the art of marketing condo new launches (almost) down to a science.

Here is time proven 3 step formula.

Marketing Plan - Growth Webflow Template

1. Evaluate

Not all new launches are made equal. We use our in-house metrics to help you figure out which new launches will be worth running a campaign for.

Execution - Growth Webflow Template

2. Setup

Once we pick the new launches that are deemed to have potential we go about setting up the campaign and ads within 1 week.

Growth And Scale - Growth Webflow Template

3. Optimize

After launch, we collect data to monitor and improve campaigns. by optimizing ads and microsites to ensure they stay effective.

What is this system you speak of?

We combine Google Ads + microsites to capture leads that actually want to buy

While the entire real estate world has been trying to get ahead on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, we've found that the hottest leads still come from Google. Why?


When one searches on Google, they are there looking for a solution. By giving them right ad at the right time, we capture only interested leads, so you waste less time closing and earn more comms.

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learn Our System

You can now use our process to turn it into your own output

How we brainstorm and create output at every step of the campaigns. This will help you create and launch better campaigns.

Why this course?

We've been doing this for 2.5 years. We know you'd appreciate expert advice.

Being experts yourselves, you know how much difference expert advice can make to the marketing and sales process. We offer our expertise, our data and our learnings to help you get started. You can judge us based on our track record.

  • 20+ new launch projects
  • 80+ different agents
  • 1000+ leads generated
  • 2.5m + comms earned
  • 160+  units sold
  • Agents close 1 in 7 leads
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Who is teaching this class?

Hi. My Name is Karthik. I will leading this class.

Like you, I started out in sales. So I too know how costly and competitive marketing can be.

I will sharing from my 14 years of experience and particularly from the last 2.5 years where we have focused mainly on real estate.

My sharing along with my experts present is going to guide you to setup up a proper campaign once and for all.

  • 14+ years in digital marketing
  • 10+ different industries
  • Trained agents and marketers
  • Active practitioner
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google ads done better

SMC Google Ads Masterclass

Usual Price: $297

17th Jan 2023 @ Huttons

Time: 9am - 6pm

Refreshments and 2x tea breaks will be provided.

Check with us for early bird offers

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