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Our Services

Landing pages or Google Ads, we've got you covered

We've set out to redefine how realtors market new launch condos. A more systemic, data-driven way that reduces the work load of agents and increases their profitability.

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Microsite & Landing Pages

Every of our microsite pays attention to 2 things. 1) What information does a potential buyer want to see and 2) what does Google wants to see.

Over the years, we've gotten good at crafting sites in a way that both Google and the consumer would love so that we can give your ads an edge.

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Google Ads

When Google loves your ads, it is going charge you less per click. The better your ads are, the less you will pay.

And when the ad goes to a microsite that has all the information needed by the consumer, that's the point where leads start pouring in. When ads and site are in sync, magic happens.

About our Services

We've been building this system for 3 years

Building landing pages and advertising on Google may seem easy. It is if you don't access their full powers. But if you want everything they have to offer, it will take time and lots of pain. We've already invested both, so why no let us help you?

The Google's algo is ever changing and it takes a while to get used to the nuances that help your ad achieve high quality score. Landing pages can be too long or too skimpy, and both can result in poorer conversions.

We are here to use our experience to ensure you get on leads on auto pilot. Learn how you can tap on our knowledge and expertise.

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Step 1


Not all new launches are equal. We first evaluate your the new launch project to see if it has a chance of success.

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Step 2

Publishing & Execution

Once deemed fit, we use our proprietary system to create ads and keywords and launch them from our end.

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Step 3

Measure & Scale

We monitor the campaign for anomalies and adjust the ads accordingly to ensure you continue getting hot leads in the later stages of the campaign.

Our Process

3 simple steps to every successful campaign

Every successful campaign we have run over the years goes through this simple 3 step process. We've made advertising on Google effective and more importantly for you, predictable and repeatable.

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results of our google ads

How we helped our agent client earn 67% more revenue in 4 months

One Pearl bank was a great campaign for our clients. There were a good amount of leads over a decent period of time with a good number of closings.

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Total commmissions earned
agents we've worked with
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Have a new launch on the horizon? Or do you want to steal a march on the competition and position yourself (or your agency) as the number choice for all things real estate (or property)?

Don't worry, we can help. Have a ZERO obligations chat with us to find out how.

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