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SMC referral programme

Earn cash or credits for your referrals

We know you love SMC and want to share our system with your other realtor friends and clients. We'd like to give you back something in return for your generosity.

Sign up as a referral partner
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Referrals for Lite Plan

$100 credits or $50 cash once per referral.

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Referrals for Standard Plan

$150 credits or $70 cash once per referral.

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Referrals for Standard+ Plan

$250 credits or $100 cash once per referral.

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Step 1

Sign up as referral partner

Reach out to us and and sign up to join us as a referral partner.

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Step 2

Refer your friends and clients

Share your friends and clients contacts via email or one of the allocated messaging platforms.

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Step 3

Collect referral bonus

Once your client signs up for a package, we'll send you the referral fee or use the credits to offset your next campaign invoice.

Our Process

Just refer and we'll help you earn rewards

Just refer and leave the closing to us. Sit back and relax while you earn cash and credits for introducing the SMC - the best Lead Gen System for New Condo Launches in Singapore.

Sign up as a referral partner
Case Study

How we helped our agent client earn 67% more revenue in 4 months

One Pearl bank was a great campaign for our clients. There were a good amount of leads over a decent period of time with a good number of closings.

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Total commmissions earned
agents we've worked with
Refer a friend or a client

Reach out and start referring to us today

Earn some cash or credits for spreading the good word about SMC. We look forward to welcoming you as a referral partner.

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