Why Landing Page Is A Must-Have

5 Reasons Why Landing Page Is a Must-Have

A great landing page is essential for every successful new launch campaign. Read on to learn how these pages can help you step up your lead generation game!

For $747, SMC helps you to set up Google Ads with your own landing page (and you get to upgrade it to a microsite for free!).

Affordable? Definitely. 

But why do you need one? What can a property landing page do for you? 

Here’s a breakdown of reasons why we encourage realtors to get their own landing page.

1. Your competitors are already out there
2. You get tenfold for the price you pay
3. You can establish credibility with persuasive copies
4. When done right, you'll see leads rolling in hot
5.You can stop anytime

1. Your competitors are already out there

A landing page is a great way to drive traffic, improve your SEO, and build your brand. It can also form part of an effective PPC strategy. 

That’s why approximately 68% of B2B businesses use landing pages to generate leads for future conversion. 

In other words, if you don’t already have this high-converting tool in your marketing arsenal, you’re definitely falling behind others. This is especially the case when most buyers take the first step to search for their homes on Google. 

As a result, your competitors will most likely get first dibs on interested home buyers when their property ads and landing pages reach them before you do. 

Pro tip: Ideally, you should aim to be at falling within the first half of the marketing bell curve. The earlier you start, the higher chance you'll be seen. Over time, more competitors will enter the competition and the bids will get higher. Starting early gives you the advantage of establishing your market presence before others. With the privilege of time on your hands, your landing page is more likely to attract more conversions with a lower ad spend.

2. You get tenfold for the price you pay

Let's put a disclaimer - we're not guaranteeing you'll get leads just by running ads and placing your landing page out there. This is because you’ll need to put some effort into optimizing your ads and pages post-launch for effective lead gen.

Regardless of this, building a user-friendly landing page to accompany your property ads is a great way to establish your credibility as an informative real estate agent. In fact, at SMC you’ll be getting:

  • Great branding – to help you to stand out from competition and increase sales
  • A site you can use in a presentation – an online, readily available site you can use to present the new development to your colleagues or clients 
  • The chance to make a good first impression – with stunning imagery and content that demonstrates professionalism
  • A lead generator –  attractive pages designed to draw traffic and capture contact information
  • Credibility – to show that you’re the go-to expert or someone who is up to date with latest information on the launch, like details on pricing and floor plans
  • Quality leads – of interested sign ups instead of uninterested candidates
  • 24/7 availability – to offer customers information round the clock
  • A contact platform – a channel to direct users to call or Whatsapp you
  • Tracking metrics – to help you better understand your customers’ behaviour and retarget them with Facebook ads

3. You can establish credibility with persuasive copies

Just like any business, you want to build trust amongst your clients to ensure they view your services as reliable - and this is where persuasive landing page copies come into play.

Packed with attractive CTAs, catchy headlines, and actionable copies, there's a reason why landing pages are known for their high conversion rates. They don't beat around the bush and provide solutions right off the bat. So, this helps build trust-based relationships with your buyers, making it easier to sell your new launch condo offer! 

But while this all sounds good, crafting persuasive copies isn't always easy. They take lots of time and effort. So, if you find yourself struggling to crack this formula, we'll be here to shoulder part of your responsibility.

4. When done right, you'll see leads rolling in hot

When you use landing pages, leads will start coming in without you having to actively search for them. 

This means it won’t matter if you're busy working, sleeping, or preoccupied with your day-to-day activities. As long as you keep your ads and pages updated as well as adequately optimized, you’re good to go! 

But that’s not all - landing pages are also highly affordable. 

So, instead of hiring an intern or someone to do your cold calls, you can leave all your lead gen efforts to your landing pages. It saves you the hassle of managing HR matters, or even constantly looking for replacements if they quit.

5.You can stop anytime

If it's not working for you, you can stop running your landing page anytime. 

This means you won’t be wasting unnecessary money on marketing efforts that don’t seem to be working out for you. 

On the other hand, you can even restructure your existing page for future projects once you’re done using it for your current campaign. As such, whether you’re actively using your landing pages or not, having one on hand is an undeniable asset - especially in a field as competitive as real estate. 

Ready to get your very own landing page?

Look no further than SellMoreCondos (SMC)! Our team has spent years experimenting, testing, and perfecting landing pages to help our clients effectively gain qualified leads. But that’s not all - we also offer other digital marketing services, such as real estate Google Ads and microsites. To date, we’ve helped a growing number of realtors across Singapore to earn more than 2.5 million commissions. Keen to learn more? Get in touch with us today!

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