Case Study: Lentor Modern
Case Study

Case Study: How We Helped Market Lentor Modern

Keen to learn more about our work? Read on for a detailed rundown on one of our projects – Lentor Modern!

To date, Lentor Modern is one of the more aggressively marketed condominiums, with ads on multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok. Local renowned food blogger ieatishootipost even devoted a blog post featuring delicious meals you can find in the condo’s surrounding areas. 

Although the development was considered one of the priciest outside central region (OCR), Guocoland still managed to hit an 84% sold out rate (508 out of 605 units) over its launch weekend. 

In fact, aside from it being one of the few condominiums available during launch, even the cooling measures by the government and high prices could not dampen Singapore’s strong demand for property.

During this period, we had several clients approach us to run a Lentor Modern campaign. 

In this article, we’ll be disclosing exactly how we advertised this new launch condo.

Let’s dive right in!  

1. About Lentor Modern

The first step of any project is to gather information on these 5 main areas – location, project details, site or floor plans, pricing, and amenities.

1.1 Location

Location happens to be a key factor for potential buyers when considering purchasing a unit.

The proximity of their children’s school, their workplace, the accessibility of the location to malls, public transport, food centres, or parks, are all vital considerations that affect a buyer’s day-to-day life.

For Lentor Modern, we chose what we felt were the more important areas to highlight regarding the location. These include the modes of transport available, its proximity to the city area, the top primary schools within 1KM to 2KM distance, and as well as the malls and parks in the vicinity.

We then doubled down on promoting the location by further upselling its benefits. For example, we mentioned that it “offers convenience like no other,” since the nearest MRT station is just 2 minutes away. We also made sure to mention that the area is popular since the condo is nestled around the boundaries of Ang Mo Kio, Bishan, and Thomson.

1.2 Project Details

Project details are usually given by the developer.

It contains important information like the development type, size, and facilities in the condominium. In Lentor Modern’s case, it was an integrated development with the residential units built on top of a commercial mall.

Project details would also contain important information that buyers would be interested in –  like, if it’s a leasehold or freehold, the number of storeys and units, district, site area, as well as the unit mix. 

1.3 Site Floor Plans

The site plan is an image that shows the overall layout of the entire development.

With a site plan, home buyers can effectively gauge the number blocks in the condo, where each condo facility is located, as well as how accessible the pools, gyms, car park, and entrances are from the block of their interest.

1.4 Pricing & Size

Every realtor knows that the price range and size of a condominium matters. 

Buyers will usually compare the price per-square-foot (psf) to determine if the condominium is a worthy purchase. As such, for each unit mix, we mentioned the size and price. For example, Lentor Modern’s 3 Bedroom is 969 to 1,130 square feet, with prices starting from S$2,052,000 onwards.

1.5 Amenities

There are usually standard condominium facilities for every development. However, we also made sure to feature plenty of other points. For example, we highlighted that the development had a 50m pool rather than the 25m pools typically found in most condos. 

Then, we dived deeper into what makes Lentor Modern a standout property – which is that it’s an integrated development. As such, there are 96,000 square feet of retail and F&B outlets with 12,000 square feet of supermarket space. 

2. Set Up landing page

Once our research was done, we picked a suitable website template. 

Then, we went ahead and plug in all the content mentioned above into structured sections. This will ensure the landing page flows smoothly when it’s read by potential buyers. 

We maintained a consistent theme across the page and added in images where appropriate to appeal to home buyers. 

Finally, we also slipped in some attractive call-to-action buttons to help turn page visitors into customers. 

When we were done with the setup process, we purchased a domain name before getting the property landing page up and rolling!

3. Set Up messaging via call, Whatsapp

Then it was time to give buyers different ways to contact the property agents.

We encouraged customers to reach out to them by adding in Whatsapp and call widgets on the site. We also went a step further and set up tracking to observe whether potential buyers chose to call or text as their preferred mode of communication. 

4. Set Up Google Ads, Facebook page, and ads

The Lentor Modern Google Ads campaign was set up with keywords targeting different user search terms. Aside from the name “Lentor Modern” itself, we included keywords related to price, schools as well as amenities. This way, our real estate agents won’t miss out on an opportunity to close a deal simply due to the limited number of keywords targeted. 

We made sure to also create ads centred around these keywords to boost the ad quality scores. As a result, the ads were shown to more buyers searching for new launch condos. 

Facebook pages and Facebook ads were used to target potential buyers that previously landed on the page, but clicked out without converting. We retargeted this group to make sure Lentor Modern and our clients stayed at the top of their mind at all times. 

And that's it! 

Interested in seeing our work up close? 

Over the past few years, SellMoreCondos (SMC) have served more than 80 realtors in Singapore to generate over 2.5 million dollars in comms. But that’s not all that we do – our talented creative team can also help build you attractive property microsites and google ads, all wrapped up in a range of affordable packages. Be sure to get in touch with our friendly team to set up a successful new launch condo campaign of your own!  

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