Are Your Real Estate Google Ads Working
Google Ads (SEM)

How Can You Tell If Your Real Estate Google Ads Are Working?

What analytics should you keep an eye on to know if your google ads are working as they should? Read on to find out our top picks!

Now that you’ve DIY-ed your google ads setup, how do you know when your ads are actually working to generate the property leads you need? With so many metrics options, it’s easy to get confused or end up picking one that isn’t going to do anything for you but waste your time and money. 

So, let’s take a look at the top 4 metrics (and one Bonus analytic) you should be tracking to measure your PPC campaign’s performance! 

1. Total impressions
2. Click-Through Rate (CTR)
3. Cost-Per-Click (CPC)
4. Conversions or leads from CPC
5. Bonus metric: Return on advertising spend (ROAS)

1. Total impressions

Before drawing in leads to your property website or new launch campaign’s landing page, you need to first appear in search results. Every time your ad manages to snag the top search spot and is viewed by a user, you make an impression. While impressions don’t necessarily make you money, they are still an important sign that your real estate brand is being seen by prospects. 

If you’re getting zero impressions or an extremely slow growth of them, you might want to take a look at your bidding amount or the type of keywords you’re targeting for your campaign. This is why impression numbers don’t remain the same from campaign to campaign – it’s because they depend on how much you’re spending. Generally however, you’ll want to see a significant enough number to know your property ads are reaching the right target market. 

Pro tip: You can find this figure in your Google Analytics as well as Google Ads account dashboards. Just look for the abbreviation "Impr". 

2. Click-Through Rate (CTR)

Now that people are seeing your ads, how can you tell if they’re interested enough to click on them? Well, that’s exactly what Click-Through Rate does. Just like the ad impressions, your CTR is the combined effort of your ad budget, bid strategy – and most importantly, how compelling your ad copy is. This makes the difference between prospects clicking on your property ads or ignoring them. 

So, what’s a good number to aim for? An average Google ads CTR benchmark for all industries, including real estate, is 3.17% for search network and 0.46% for display. If your numbers are lower than these, you might want to check the audience you’re targeting or work to craft click-worthy ad copies. 

On the other hand, numbers that are too high should be a cause for concern as well. The reason behind this is fairly obvious – you’re paying for each click. If your keyword bids are too high, you won’t get profit even if they convert. So, be sure to pick relevant as well as affordable keywords to avoid overshooting your budget. 

Pro tip: If you don’t create ad copies that attract the attention of homebuyers, you’re basically just throwing away your money. So, if you have the budget to spare, consider hiring local digital marketing agencies to give you a hand! 

3. Cost-Per-Click (CPC)

CPC is the price you pay for each ad click from a user. It’s pretty self-explanatory why this metric tells you your ad is working, but what’s more important is CPC actually helps you put a price tag on the exposure your property ads are generating. When you have the complete picture of how much you’re spending on your paid search campaign, you can then determine if you are able to achieve return on your advertising investment (ROI) to make profit.

The good news is, well-optimized ads can lead to decreased CPC charges with time. For example, if you’re planning on running a one-year Google ads property campaign, you might be able to see your CPC decline by 10% within the 12-month mark. 

Pro tip: If your CPC figure is too different from your Click-Through Rate number, check to see if; 

  • Your landing page is lagging – especially for mobile devices 
  • The Google Analytics code is correctly installed in your landing pages

4. Conversions or leads from CPC

This is one of the more popular ad metrics out there – and for good reason. Conversion tracking tells you your ads are not only working, but are also successful in bringing in interested buyers. 

This is because conversions only happen if a prospect completes a desired action on your landing page, like; 

  • Leaving behind their number
  • Signing up for a newsletter for the new condo launch
  • Calling from your landing page
  • Requesting directions to your location
  • Initiating a conversation with the on-page live bot or chat bot
  • Filling up an email pop-up requesting more information on the campaign 
  • Scheduling an appointment with your agent to visit the property

Pro tip: Every click to your ad won’t necessarily give you a lead, but if your CTR and conversion rates are too different, you might want to check that you’re utilizing the correct negative keywords to keep irrelevant clicks from getting through.

5. Bonus metric: Return on advertising spend (ROAS)

The total amount of revenue generated for each dollar spent on advertising is measured by ROAS. If you’re running more than one ad for your property campaign, this metric will show you which among them are generating the best return and which ones require adjusting or budget reallocation!

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