Improve Your Property Ads' CTR
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Ways To Improve Your Property Ad's Click Through Rate

What are Click Through Rates and what strategies can you adopt to boost those numbers on your next PPC property campaign? Read on and find out!

Now that you’ve successfully launched your property ad with our step-by-step guide, let’s take the next move – boosting your ad’s Click Through Rates (CTR). 

For those who aren’t aware of what this means, you can take a look at our previous article that covers some of the crucial ad metrics you should keep an eye out for when lead generating. But in short, CTR is important because it offers you a rare glimpse into the behaviour and preferences of your customers, ultimately revealing the approaches you should take to effectively reach your target market. As such, high CTR means users find your ad relevant to what they’re looking for. 

Since the ultimate goal of PPC campaigns is to collect hot leads, a reasonably high CTR is exactly what you should aim for when launching your ads. 

So, what can you do to increase these numbers? 

Let’s take a closer look! 

1. Create compelling ad copies
2. Split test your ads
3. Highlight your property prices in the copy
4. Mobile-optimize your ads

1. Create compelling ad copies

The secret to a high CTR is writing effective ad copies that entice its reader to complete an action – which in this case, is to click on the ad. The more interested the reader, the more likely they are to also leave behind their contact information once they’ve perused your landing page. 

Here are a couple tips to help you craft a persuasive copy; 

  • Make sure your ad is short and snappy. We’re sure you have lots to share about your new condo launch or listings, but getting straight to the point before you lose the attention of your reader is essential to your success. So, make sure to focus on your core message with the limited number of characters you’re given for the headline and descriptions. You can always use your ad extensions for those extra titbits! 
  • Include strong Call-to-Actions (CTA). If you are currently using more common CTAs like “Call Now”, try using something like “Call For a Free Consultation” or “Find Out How by Clicking Here.” These CTAs are more likely to lead to the desired action rather than general ones. 
  • Keep your copies relevant to the search queries. Nobody is going to click on an ad that isn’t helping them look for what they searched. So, be sure to include suitable keywords without overusing them. Remember, focusing on one powerful primary keyword or long-tail keyword is a more CTR-smart move!
  • Set yourself apart. Why should readers click on your ad rather than one from a competitor? What distinguishes you from them? Try to emphasize your unique selling propositions (USP) to attract clicks from interested buyers. 

2. Split test your ads

Did you know you can experiment with your campaigns using the tools provided by Google Ads itself?

A split test is one such tool which allows you to experiment on various versions of your ad copy to figure out which among them would be more successful. You can do this by running two to three ads in each ad group against one another with Google’s rotation system. 

The combination that drives the most proportion of clicks will be the ‘winner’ – and the ad that you ultimately use when publishing. 

Pro tip: You don’t have to go crazy with your variations. It could be something as small as changing the punctuation in your headline, substituting numbers for words, or even tweaking the wording of your CTA. Don’t forget to also try switching out your images!

3. Highlight your property prices in the copy

Nothing grabs the attention of home buyers better than prices – especially if your rates are competitive. So, if there’s one way of stopping them in their tracks before they move past your ad, this is it! 

The more pricing information you can include in your ad, the better your chances of getting a qualified lead. This method works because you’re offering them these vital details without them having to put an effort. 

Remember, any move on your part to make things simpler or more convenient for your reader will make a good impression – which can take you a long way. 

4. Mobile-optimize your ads

Tried all the techniques and hacks but your CTR is still low? The answer to this problem could simply be that your ads aren’t mobile-friendly. 

But why does this matter?

Well, mobile ads appear not just on desktops, but also smartphones and tablets. As such, these ads allow you to reach buyers wherever they are, even if they’re at home or on the go. Sounds convenient right? 

But that’s not the only reason why mobile ads are better. 

Singaporeans also make more Google searches on their smartphones than they do using desktops. This means if your ads aren’t mobile-optimized, you’re basically invisible to most of your prospects and simply just throwing your money away.   

We hope these tips will help you out on your next new launch condo campaign. However, if you find them a hassle to carry out, feel free to contact experts of the field who will gladly take over this task for you! 

Interested in leaving your property ads in the trusty hands of our Google Ads specialists? With plenty of experience understanding the mechanisms behind lead generating ads, SellMoreCondos (SMC) has helped more than 80 realtors across Singapore to craft successful ads for their campaigns! Our creative experts can even design appealing real estate landing pages and microsites to best showcase your property marketing agency to buyers and sellers alike. Wait no longer! Check out our case studies and get in touch with our team today!

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